Wednesday, 27 July 2016

How to Overcome Stage Fright on the World Stage

Whenever there is a public performance in this ethereal theatre, the main stage is transformed into the world stage.

The minor stages are then used as additional places upon which audience members may sit, stand, or curl up in a foetal position.

Sprezzatura enables terrified persons to pretend they are not terrified.  Even so, it is not a way to overcome stage fright.  It is merely a way to manage it better.

Emotional discomfort in social situations is normal when little has occurred to put people at their ease.

Many members of the public prefer to curl up in a ball, metaphorically if not physically, when much of the media, and much entertainment more generally, tends to highlight social tensions, political tensions, controversies, threats, abuses and various forms of aggression.

Fortunately, peace is to be found here in Villa Twaklinilkawt whenever drama is not in evidence.  The really green green room is now open for all performers on the world stage, before and after each performance.  Its primary purpose, in a theatrical context, is to put performers at their ease without encouraging them to resort to superstitious nonsense.

At what stage are you at now?

If you have ever felt socially inhibited, dear audience member, what was the cause in each such circumstance?

What have been your immediate reactions to such situations?

And what have been the longer term responses through which you have dealt with your fears?

Being appropriately aware of your environment is likely to assist your performance, whether in a theatre or in the wider world.

How are you creating world peace at present?

How is Mozart assisting you?