Saturday, 27 August 2016

Heritage Performance

The problem with heritage is that it has many different meanings

You are apparently here for a heritage performance. 

Are you expecting such a  performance to be part of your heritage or even the world's heritage? 

Are you expecting the performance to bring back special memories for you?

Do you usually expect a heritage performance to enlighten you in some way? 

Do you expect it to provide some sort of acknowledgement and acceptance of whatever you find meaningful, valuable and worthwhile?

Destruction is always ugly, but so is an insensitive construction or an ill-informed reconstruction. 

To destroy is to deny value, especially when information and materials are wasted or insensitively reused. But what of ignorance and the propensity to ignore the truth of the past?

How do you usually prepare for a heritage performance?  Are you historically informed?

Do you have an artistically authentic approach?

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