Thursday, 27 October 2016

Just a few Dramas from the Parlour

Villa Twaklinilkawt is
A location in which
The classical unities are
Expressed most suitably.

Here in this ethereal theatre
Within Villa Twaklinilkawt itself,
Drama from the parlour* may
Occasionally be performed.

(Update: links marked* are for patrons only)

This is not a dumb show,
Though gestures are important.
We may have quite a fun show,
If mysteries and morals permit. 

Have you written
A parlour play,
A parlour drama,
A little parlour music
Or a drawing room play?

Have you performed
A chamber play
Or chamber music?

Are you often part of
A musical ensemble
Or ensemble cast?

What are your views
On this induction?
Do you require
Further instruction?

Start in the parlour
To star in a parlour drama.

Sit next to Aristophanes there.
He often has a plate of sandwiches
Balanced on his knees, if you care.

Opposite is Ben Jonson
Who thinks the parlour is for
The comedy of humours.

Oscar Wilde prefers
To think of the parlour as
A drawing room for tea.

The more formal drawing room
Upstairs from the parlour,
Is a place of relative peace.

It is not a location
For commedia dell'arte.
Or for a cabaret.

Even so, most performances
In Villa Twaklinilkawt are
Respectfully improvisational.

Please be particularly patient
In the parlour or this theatre.
Would you care for a pasty or pastiche?

How do you tell
The difference between
A Sennett,
A Senate and
A Senex?

Will you find
The answers
In the boudoir
Or the parlour?
Are family values
Usually played
As a bedroom farce?

The family court
Is not usually a place for
A restoration comedy.

Who or what was Aphra Behn?
A whodunit? A variety show?
An adventure story?

The library is a place
For silent closet dramas
In one of its little rooms.

There are no state rooms
In Villa Twaklinilkawt.
But what is only for show here?

The music room provides
A space for rehearsals
For an opera or recital.

Will this show go on?
And on and on?
Who is waiting for whom?

Are you expecting
Light entertainment
Or enlightenment?

When are the classic unities
Not quite appropriate?
In a history play?

The grand hallway
Supplies a perfect space
For allegory and satire.

Most news is presented elsewhere
As either a sketch comedy
Or a sketch tragedy.

Government policies
Are usually part of
The theatre of the absurd.

Most politics is
A farce played for
An audience of fools.

Government itself,
A parody of democracy,
Performing a satyr play.

Theatre. Art through stagecraft.
World peace and prosperity.
Art through statecraft.

At least in the parlour
There is tea.

Just a few dramas from the parlour

Ways to Avoid Intrusiveness

Important History

How to be a Better Voter Next Time

They Must Think We are Stupid

The Official Senate, the Official Census and the Officially Silly

Chaos through Technocratic Arrogance and an Abusive Federation

Punctuality in the Parlour

How to Address the Ridiculous

These, and many other dramas from the parlour, are regularly performed here in this ethereal theatre, with various additional players and much improvisation.