Monday, 13 March 2017

Adele Adelaide Adagia Review - Part One

Many members of the Adelaide Adagia Ensemble have gathered here to examine the first part of the curated critiquing assignment conducted by Nannerl Mozart.

As you may be aware, dear audience member, Nannerl was here this afternoon, just before she set off on her latest VIP reporting duties.

Nannerl earlier sent a text message to one of the style guides in the really green green room to say the box in which she was sitting for the outdoor singspiel was not at all as she expected it to be.

There was a potentially dangerous woman in a veil nearby.  Nannerl thought the person might have been dressed as Donna Elvira.

Nannerl has been wondering why the concert had deafening noise for much of the time.  Do the musicians want very short careers?

The non-soprano spent half of the concert talking to the audience.  If her reputation as a powerful singer is factual, where is the evidence?  And why did she only sing whilst holding a baby's rattle?

Of course, Nannerl is a quality reporter.

Nannerl's follow-up review of the concert is likely to be like no other.

Adelaide Oval