Monday, 13 March 2017

Adele Adelaide Adagia Review - Part Two

Hello again everyone.  It's me.  Nannerl. 

I've just returned to Villa Twaklinilkawt from Adelaide Oval.

If you were here in this ethereal theatre earlier today, you will have seen, and possibly even heard, the introduction to my latest reporting assignment, at least if you have the ability to see and hear.

But my ears are ringing dreadfully now so I can hardly hear myself thinking.  How would you feel if you were placed in a box with a deafening roar going on around you?

When I peeped out, during the performance, I could see a considerable number of people wandering up and down the wide, yellow aisles.  I do not understand why.  There were even audience members singing along.  Did they not think the non-soprano was loud enough to sing unaccompanied?

There were other ladies singing in the background.  The words seemed to me to be more appropriate for the Queen of the Night to sing.  Mr Schikaneder believes Ms Adkins has stolen a few ideas from him.  There's a fire burning in his heart as a consequence.

I think my brother could be interested in asking the non-soprano to audition as Marcellina, though most Adelaideans would think he meant a pizza waitress.

The non-soprano possibly has the capacity to be a suitably volatile Donna Elvira, or even an Elvis impersonator.

If my perceptions of the Adele libretto are correct, Pamina was sent off by her mother to practice a role in the deep voice of Sarastro.  I am not sure why.

Well, I must say I find it not at all surprising that someone like that would have stage fright in such an immensely large theatre, particularly without a roof.  The seating for the audience members was not at all comfortable either, as indicated by their frequent squirming.

There have been many other reviews of the performance, most of which say much the same thing, which is not much at all.

My review obviously asks many questions.  For example, does music do anything to improve the world?

The Adelaidean venue

The non-soprano did a few Papagena impersonations, between singing, if you ask me.  

Where was Papageno?

I do not recall seeing or hearing a Tamino, either.