Monday, 27 March 2017

Planet Earth Comedy Show

As you may know, success in life, particularly financial success, has much to do with how you look and how you sound and how you smell.  Your competence, or lack of it, has very little to do with financial success, or your lack of it.

If you wish to appear on the Planet Earth Comedy Show over the coming months, how will you know how to look, sound and smell the part?

Do you think you look, sound, smell and think suitably for the part of a successful performer of comedy?

How much research have you done for a role on the show?

How well rehearsed will you be?

How well have you fitted in with the auditions here over the past few month?

How well do you currently fit in with at least one of the stereotypes of success?

Auditions for the Planet Earth Comedy Show have been taking place here over many months now. 

Rehearsals have been taking place in the natural common room, as expected.

They have also been taking place in the music room and the parlour and out in the gardens.

How well do you know Adelaide and the Adelaidezone?

What is your usual approach to Mad March in this part of the world?

What is your usual approach to Mad May in any part of the world?

What is your usual approach to a Mad November?

As any true comedian already knows, auditions and rehearsals are serious activities, as is the pursuit of writing comedy.

What are your own comic enterprises meant to achieve?

How do you usually express satire, and why?

How do you usually express wit, and why?

When is your comedy somewhat light and when is it somewhat dark?

When is your comedy surreal?

When is your comedy an expression of exaggeration?

When is your comedy an expression of understatement?

Tonight, you may or may not be an expected or unexpected guest on the Planet Earth Comedy Show.

Comedy always involves an element of surprise.


Will you expect the Spanish Inquisition?

Will you expect to do impersonations of already ridiculous world leaders?

How did audiences respond to you on the Social Media Show?

How should reason, wisdom and nature be represented in comedy?

If you do not usually think of comedy and planet Earth in the same context, why is that?

Are you mad?

Are you too serious?

Do you take a slapstick approach to conservation?

Is your fossil fuel use a farce?

What sort of tea parties do you prefer?

Have you observed or participated in any dramas in or from the parlour recently?

How did you arrive here?

Financial success tends to have a great deal to do with family background, regardless of what anyone may say to the contrary.  Whether your family members are or have been rich, or rich and pushy or just very pushy, that will most likely have some bearing on your past, present and future success.

If you have never been able to afford much, what makes you laugh?

What stuns you into silence?

And what makes you dream or scream?