Monday, 13 March 2017

Special Show: Home Town Story

This evening, here in Adelaide, many people are either likely to be listening to one or more open-air music concerts or trying to escape from the noise of one or more open-air music concerts, possibly in search of quieter interludes.

Hello.  It's me. Nannerl.  Good afternoon.

I've been wondering if after all these years I should relaunch my own career in the music industry.  My stylist has told me that this is the way I should dress for the purpose.

I shall be reporting with Twitterly intentions later this evening from a most peculiar performance venue known as Adelaide Oval.

Earlier this afternoon, I witnessed something called a sound check there.  The person in charge of the checking obviously has a hearing problem, hence I mistakenly assumed he was Mr Beethoven.

The loudness was so extraordinarily thunderous, it gave me quite a fright.

The composition to be performed this evening at the Adelaide Oval Outdoor Theatrical Establishment is a dramatic work called Adele.  I have not yet been able to comprehend the plot though it appears to be some sort of singspiel.

I have been told that the leading lady is not a soprano.  That is rather unusual in my experience, to say the least.

The singer is additionally unusual in having more than a dozen grandmothers.  I am not sure whether that is an indication of respectability or not.

As no doubt you will wish to know, I have certainly passed on my concerns regarding the sound check. From my own experiences as a performer, any unwanted sound is a noise, mainly because it annoys and distracts and prevents one from rehearsing, or even from hearing oneself think.

I have the tickets I need for this evening's performance at Adelaide Oval, including the ticket of most importance.

The Adele show, so I have heard, will include a home town story about Adelaide.  I hope it will be enlightening.

Here is something I am sure is similar.

It was produced by the Mozarty Party in preparation for Mad March a few years ago.

Here is a reminder of another production of possible historical interest to you.

And another one:

The next scheduled public performance in this ethereal theatre will take place in two weeks time.  Now, do excuse me.  I am booked into a box seat at Adelaide Oval as a VIP* and do not wish to be late.

*Virtual Investigative Practitioner