Thursday, 27 April 2017

City of Dreams

City of my dreams!

A perfect place 
For possibilities
Of peace and hope
And truth,
And love.

Auditions have regularly been taking place in this ethereal theatre in relation to the above lyrics.

There is still a chance for you to audition, if you have the required skills.

The persons attending the auditions over recent months have each been expected to put the proposed lyrics to original music of their own composition.

The persons have then been expected to perform musically, with the words sung in character and in costume.

They have been expected to do so with their own selection of well rehearsed musicians.


The character of each principal performer has been expected to be placed in a historical context of the performer's own choosing.

The costume has been expected to be of the performer's own design.

The personality of the character has been expected to differ considerably from that of the performer as a person.


The context of the character's expressiveness has been expected to relate to a larger story.

That larger story has been expected to be of the performer's own choosing.

The story has been judged on its likely interest to paying audiences in various parts of the world.

The story has also been judged on its likely long-term relevance to future paying audiences in various parts of the world.


How often do you write musicals?

How often have you won acclaim and/or awards for writing musicals?

Have you ever written an opera?

Have you ever performed in an opera?

Earlier collaboration

presenting Adelaidean

history and community

The music is judged on its beauty, originality and appropriateness for the context.

The character is judged by the affection likely to be felt by audiences, but not at the expense of the story.

The performer is judged on vocal qualities, physical presence, emotional presence and promotional potential.

Early auditions are still taking place digitally.

Performers are judged on their potential as:

1. Stage performers

2. Screen performers

3. State performers

4. Sprezzatura performers

If you consider Adelaide to be, or to have been, a city of dreams, and even a city of your dreams, you may already have a story in mind.  In fact, you may have already written the story.  Is it set in the past, present or future?

At your initial audition, you will be expected to demonstrate your understanding of your current audiences and your reputation with those audiences.

You will also be expected to explain how your past and present audiences are likely to differ from your future audiences.

What will be the genre of your story?  What will be the personality of your character?  How will that character fit into the relationships and events of the story, and why and how?

Will your story be set in Adelaide or somewhere else entirely?

Learn more about the auditions

Learn more about an earlier evening of auditions 

You will also be required to maintain, improve or even build a city of dreams each year from now on, preferably in a properly enlightened way.  Do you know how to do that?

Are you aware that limelight was first used in a theatrical setting at around the time the city of Adelaide first took shape?

Do you know much about stage lighting and even magic lanterns?

The Art Gallery of South Australia has some interesting technical information about limelight.

Do you know much about ninteenth-century theatres?  Queen Adelaide's nephew, Georg, developed the very famous Meiningen Ensemble with the assistance of his morganatic third wife, the actress Helene.

A city of dreams is likely to be the opposite of a city of nightmares.  The scenery is likely to be beautifully interesting yet calm.  It is therefore unlikely to have much in common with nineteenth-century theatrical scenery.

Where would you place the spotlights, literally and figuratively?

Dream-like qualities are not like a phantasmagoria at all.  There is nothing like the Grand Guignol involved or even a Lincoln-like ending.  Enlightened beings find nothing at all entertaining in any depiction of violence, however real or realistic the presentation.

Nor are dream-like qualities in any way bawdy or rowdy.

How much do you know about dreams?

How do you interpret your dreams?

How do you prepare for the future?