Thursday, 20 July 2017

Directors of Enlightenment - Part One

What does it mean to direct successfully?  Does it depend on the ease of reaching the desired destination?

What, does a director of enlightenment do?

How does such a director select and convey the aims to be achieve?

In most situations, directors of enlightenment are not dictators.  They are, instead, members of some sort of ensemble.  Their main priority is to prevent other members of the ensemble from behaving stupidly.

An enlightened director will encourage all members of the ensemble to suggest easier ways of achieving the same ends.  Such a director will not view the processes as giving up control but merely as a way to attain more enlightenment.

Directors of enlightenment are well able to distinguish between goals, intentions and actions.  Such persons usually have much prior experience as actors on the world stage, often beyond the reach of television cameras and microphones.

To become a director of enlightenment requires sufficient confidence as well as sufficient competence.  An overly confident person is, however, likely to be unenlightened and therefore incompetent.  Overly confident persons are usually also impertinent towards those more enlightened than themselves.

Additionally, all directors of enlightenment are creative directors.  They have the knowledge, skills, experience and values with which to achieve imaginative goals within a schedule, consistent with the chosen ends.