Thursday, 20 July 2017

Directors of Enlightenment - Part Two

This morning, during the overture, you will have witnessed something remarkable. 

If you were aware of that remarkableness, that is a sign of your enlightenment.

An overture is both an introduction and an invitation.  It invites you to listen further, and to respond at the appropriate time.  A director of enlightenment will do the same.

At the end of this morning's session of this two-part seminar, you were invited to take a digital tour of this ethereal theatre.  Was there anything remarkable about that?

You probably also had time for something to eat.  No-one here is expected to rush around, or to dawdle, or to starve.  This is a location of moderation.

All directors of enlightenment acknowledge that they themselves, even with a large supporting and supportive ensemble, will never achieve their chosen ends in a linear way.  There is always something cyclical about enlightenment. But there is never anything cynical about it.

A worthwhile project involves working towards an enlightened end result.  Deciding whether something is worthwhile is the job of a director of enlightenment.

What was most worthwhile to you during this morning's session, and why?

What do you believe you will be able to achieve as a consequence of that experience?

Was anything you experienced remarkable?

What is remarkable is that so few persons attended the seminar session this morning.  And only a small percentage of those persons returned here this afternoon.  You, dear audience member, may be the only one here with a debt to repay.