Thursday, 20 July 2017

Directors of Enlightenment - Part Two

This morning, during the overture, you will have witnessed something remarkable.  If you were aware of that remarkableness, that is a sign of your enlightenment.

An overture is both an introduction and an invitation.  It invites you to listen further, and to respond at the appropriate time.  A director of enlightenment will do the same.

At the end of this morning's session of this two-part seminar, you were invited to take a digital tour of this ethereal theatre.  Was there anything remarkable about that?

You probably also had time for something to eat.  No-one here is expected to rush around, or to dawdle.  This is a location of moderation.

The ends in mind are clear here to all the persons officially associated with Villa Twaklinilkawt.  There is no chance here of mission creep.  Yet the ends to be achieved are unlikely to be maintained for long without ongoing work.

All directors of enlightenment acknowledge that they themselves, even with a large supporting and supportive ensemble, will never achieve their chosen ends in a linear way.  There is always something cyclical about enlightenment. But there is never anything cynical about it.

In many situations, unenlightened persons mistake a mission for an end.  They ignore the reality that every mission is merely a project.  And every worthwhile project can succeed merely with good management.

A worthwhile project works towards an enlightened end result.  Deciding whether something is worthwhile is the job of a director of enlightenment.

What was most worthwhile to you during this morning's session, and why?

What do you believe you will be able to achieve as a consequence of that experience?

Was anything you experienced remarkable?

You may be aware that Villa Twaklinilkawt has an extraordinarily enlightened form of information architecture.  Whether you are currently able to explore various parts of the villa will depend on your status as a patron of enlightenment.

All directors of enlightenment are patrons of enlightenment but not all patrons of enlightenment are directors of enlightenment.  Patrons of enlightenment help to fund the management of enlightening locations.  Many of those patrons are proficient in the language arts.  They may or may not be proficient in the visual arts and/or the musical arts.

Do you ever consider yourself to be a patron of enlightenment?

Directors of enlightenment will know that patrons of enlightenment are their target market.  Yet those directors are well aware that if enlightenment is to reach further into the world, the target audience is obviously likely to be much larger than the number of patrons.  It is why there have been many free public performances and presentations here.  Not everyone can yet afford to be a patron but everyone is entitled to be enlightened.

If the second Age of Enlightenment is to occur successfully in the 21st century, it will begin with you, dear audience member.  You are not here today as a patron.  You are here as a freeloader.  You therefore have a debt to repay.  You have received a gift worthy of reciprocation.  You have witnessed something remarkable and you are reasonably expected to supply something remarkable in return.

All directors of enlightenment repay their debts in full and on time, as do all patrons of enlightenment.  How do you ascertain your debts and the duties required of you in relation to them?

In many parts of the world today, far too many individuals, householders, businesses, community organisations and governments have considerable debts, both financially and environmentally.  They also have debts to the enlightened beings of the past and future.

The directors of enlightenment have long done their best to direct everyone towards enlightenment, of course.  They have done so in a cost-effective manner, hence their own continuing debt-free status.

An enlightened world is a debt-free world, as the people of Nilkawt are aware.  There are many directors of enlightenment in Nilkawt.

Although not everyone can be or become a Nilkawtian, many cultural traits of suitability to enlightened beings can be acquired by most people, wherever in the world they may be.   Through training in the art of the Twaklinesque, directors of enlightenment transform aggressive cultures into peaceful ones.  They may sometimes even have the ability to transform unfair societies into fairer ones, at least with the assistance of enlightened patrons.

What is remarkable is that so few persons attended the seminar session this morning.  And only a small percentage of those persons returned here this afternoon.  You, dear audience member, may be the only one here with a debt to repay.