Wednesday, 28 February 2018

Appreciative Audiences

How do you know whether an audience is truly appreciative?

What is the point of applause?

What is the point of having an appreciative audience one night and then unappreciative audiences on most other occasions?

My name is Di Yallog.  I research patterns in social interactions.

Over the past few weeks, I have been investigating interactions associated with the Mozarty Party Climatologically Cool 100 countdown.

I am also a senior researcher for the The Social Media Show.  As you may be aware, each audience member on the show is also a performer, even if playing a part quite passively as one of the many supernumeraries.

Is passiveness ever a sign of appreciation or is it more indicative of submissiveness or apathy or indifference or awe or mindfulness?

Appreciation, all things being otherwise equal, will often be evident in many small gestures as well as larger ones.  It is reflected most clearly at the Ethereal World Peace Award Ceremony and similar events.

This year, I am one of the judges for the award.

Are you here for number 18 in the Mozarty Party Climatologically Cool 100 countdown?

If so, how have you been showing your appreciation for numbers 100 to 19?

Only registered patrons are likely to be truly appreciative audience members in this ethereal theatre.  The well-established, most highly trained and enlightened patrons are usually also patrons of enlightenment.

Such patrons seek to enlighten the less enlightened members of audiences, primarily to enhance the appreciation of everyone. This processes tends to occur during the main interval.

In your experience, are audience members mostly appreciative during inclusive experiences or exclusive ones?

Have you ever been most appreciative of the main interval between the acts of a play, an opera or another staged event?

Do you have sufficient awareness of the dangers of charm and charisma?

Are you fully aware of the different meanings of appreciation?

When have you experienced some sort of depreciation?

Appreciation is not a suspicious activity, even when an invocation or toi toi toi Twaklin occurs.  Yet over-enthusiasm is irrational.  I have no appreciation at all of the pushy or the gushy.

Have you ever used your imagination to climb the tower of Tatlin or Twaklin appreciatively?

How do you usually acquire enlightenment about the world around you?

To ascertain your appreciativeness, someone working here is likely to ask:

Why are you here?

What do you believe to be the connection between learning and appreciation?

How would you describe a special evening?

What are the particularly valuable additional performance techniques you would appreciate learning properly with the assistance of an expert?

Who are your most appreciative audiences?

The finale of The Social Media Show is usually performed by an improvised ensemble, including all audience members.  Using a digital device of some description, everyone not only interacts with characters on the world stage but also with everyone in this auditorium - and in the wider, digital sphere.

If you have not attended the show before, here are a few brief examples:

Character One begins:

Most people, in reality, during most struggles in life, either look for an easier way to achieve a valued end, or they look for an easy way out.

Character Two begins:

Seeking comfort in times of distress is quite natural, and even reasonable.

Character Three begins:

Seeking a form of discomfort to hide another form of discomfort is always misguided if an easier way to deal with the situation, possibly more enjoyably, is available.

Character Four begins:

Science solves many mysteries.

Character Five begins:

It also challenges many misguided beliefs about the complexities and confusions in life.

Character Six begins:

Yet a political conflict then arises when the egos of the misguided or frightened or arrogant respond aggressively to factually-based knowledge.

Character Five continues:

When interpersonal difficulties arise, the egos of ordinary mortals often take charge.

Character Four continues:

There are many people who, if they perceive themselves to have the ability and the opportunity, prefer to do the unnecessary rather than the necessary.

Character Three continues:

There are people who go off and unnecessarily climb dangerous mountains.

Character Six continues:

Or run about or swim or ride bicycles or sing in unnecessary competitions.

Character Two continues:

Or watch sport excessively and unnecessarily.

Character Five continues:

Or become unnecessarily over polite towards selfish people.

Character One continues:

Or unnecessarily drown themselves in mental and moral anguish and indecision.

Character Three again:

Or unnecessarily find oblivion through various forms of self-harm and self pity.

Character Four again:

Or unnecessarily abuse other people.

Character One again:

 Or unnecessarily destroy environments.

Character Six again:

Or unnecessarily beat a competitor in a video game or on a reality television show.

Character One again:

Or when otherwise seeking attention and/or affection and/or admiration and/or money outside a nightclub in the early hours of a Sunday morning.

Character Five again:

When at least one clear, apparently useful suggestion on how to act in a situation is identified and coherently expressed, most people find there is little more to be done except to act either in accordance with a plan, muddle along without a coherent plan, or make a request for assistance.

Character Four again:
But I only really came here to hear the Mozarty Party Climatologically Cool 100 countdown.

Character One again:
I almost forgot that.  I often forget that my opinion is not the only thing everyone in the world wants to hear.

Character Six:
It seems a bit stupid to me that we are all tweeting to each other while sitting around the same table.   Where are the tweets from the audience?  Are they all on Facebook or Snapchat or Instagram or the dark web?

Character Two:
By the looks on some of their faces, they have probably been buying and selling Bitcoins.

Character Four:
I think a few of them have been doing crazy things on an online gambling site.

Character Three:
The male persons wandering in and out of the auditorium from their aisle seats have probably been viewing porn channels.

Character Two:
Most of the ushers use their smartphones to catch up with their studies during the show.

Character Five:
The Mozarty Party uses all sorts of smart ways to help people catch up with important news, as does the Adelaide Adagia News Ensemble.

Character Six:
Have you noticed the Adelaideans, sitting over there?

Character Two:
No.  How can you tell they are Adelaideans?

Character Three:
That's easy.  They all look different from one another but pretend they are all the same.  Have you noticed them trying to copy each other?

Character Two:
Oh, I see them now, I think.  They also look like they are trying to copy everyone else.  Do they not have imaginations of their own?

Character Eight:
Am I late?

Character One:
Where have you been?  We have been waiting for you for ages.  And where is Character Seven.  We thought you were coming on the bus together.

Character Eight:
Character Seven forgot to charge his smartphone so he's staying home.  Mine was running low on credit.  I can't afford a post-paid.  I had to borrow a top up from Character Nine.

Character Two.
How is Character Nine these days?

Character Eight:
She's on the Mozarty Party World Peace and Global Prosperity Tour.  She sent me the credit from Singapore.

Character One:
It's unusual for money to come from Singapore to Australia.  If Australian business practices are any indication of reality, money usually goes in the other direction.

Character Four:
But what is at number 18 in the Mozarty Party countdown.  Was Character Seven supposed to have that information?

Character Eight:
He said he would tweet it to us once his phone powered up.  I think he was supposed to contact Mozarty Party HQ first, to verify his identity with a special codeword for a blockchain reference.

Character Three:
I heard that the Mozarty Party is using blockchain technology as a policy composition tool.  Is that correct?

Character Eight:
That's absolutely correct.  And now, look!  Here is the message from Character Seven:  18 K 51 (46a).

Character One:
That is certainly a valued end to any dialogue.   We must now prepare to play the parts.  Who will be the fake innocent?

The following information is for the newly registered patrons:

Excitement often influences people to do inconsiderate things.  Therefore, to allow each performance to proceed appropriately, both technically and artistically, please suppress your potentially intrusive electronic devices, your inadequately mature companions and your coughing, at least until you start to turn blue.  This is especially the case if you are expected to be a performer yourself within Villa Twaklinilkawt quite soon.

Many patrons of enlightenment are already leading the way towards the next World Enlightenment Forum.  They are demonstrating the benefits of creating world peace whilst doing so.

Character Three again:

In such situations, people often decide it is necessary to act.  Acting in the Social Media Show, here in the ethereal theatre of Villa Twaklinilkawt, is itself necessary....