Tuesday, 27 February 2018

Enlightened Altruism

Most forms of generosity are non-altruistic.  They supply mutual benefits, or they mainly supply benefits to the givers rather than the recipients.

Most forms of altruism are not enlightened.  They are detrimental to the giver.

What, then, is enlightened altruism?

The Mozarty Party is an entirely altruistic organisation.  Its Climatological Countdown is continuing, for altruistic purposes.

After its start at number 100 on Mozart's most recent birthday, the countdown has now reached number 20.  Should you be expected to give something in return to find out what is at that number?

Your activism and altruism are likely to have been examined recently during day two of the World Enlightenment Forum, even if you were not there.

To ascertain whether an action is altruistic, it is first necessary to identify whether the supplier benefits in some way.  Most true altruism is supplied anonymously.  It does not advantage the reputation of the giver.

All true altruism involves the giver giving away something, but not necessarily feeling a loss from that giving.  At the same time, the giving does not cause unfair problems for anyone.  It is neither wasteful nor impractical.

What were you most practical contributions to day three of the most recent World Enlightenment Forum?

Enlightened altruism does not reflect a desire for merit.  It reflects a desire for a better, fairer world, in the present and future.

Since the hottest Mozart Day and the Climatologically Cool 100 are rapidly sliding into history, how will your enlightened altruism continue to make contributions to earlier beginnings and later endings?

Your answers to such questions will be relevant when you seek future admission to the Adelaidezone, of course.

At number 20 in the countdown is Mozart's String Quintet No. 1 in B flat major, K. 174, written in December 1773.  He was 17 years of age.

Although Mozart's music was written for professional reasons, sharing it with the world through recording is now often an expression of enlightened altruism.  The musicians themselves are often sponsored for their performances during the recording.  Like Mozart, they may earn much of their living through teaching, and through subscriptions to their live performances.

Beautiful music is usually played, or sung, for love, not money.  Music is part of the lives of many people, but the active expression of enlightened altruism is not.

Do you express your enlightened altruism through philanthropy?

Enlightened, altruistic philanthropists know the myths of the mainstream will not solve the world's problems.  Only the solving of local problems will solve the world's problems.

To solve local problems requires real community venues.  Those venues are likely to be managed though a process of enlightened altruism.

This is certainly the case with the Nilkawtians if not the Adelaideans.

Enlightened, altruistic philanthropists are involved in preventing indoctrination and other forms of brainwashing.  One of their primary considerations is helping people to think for themselves.

I am a member of an enlightened, altruistic, philanthropic, secular institution, the Order of the Perpetual Wait.  My name is Sister Matik.  My fellow practitioners of patience are deeply concerned about the state of the world, and the state of states in the world.  We have long been contemplating what to do to improve the situation.  We are not sure whether we have waited long enough.  Our hope was that our enlightened, altruistic leadership would inspire other people to follow our lead.

You may have recently been here for another fairly important briefing.  Since this ethereal theatre first opened to ordinary members of the global public, I have been quietly and patiently sitting unobtrusively amongst the audience, observing attitudes and responses.

Although you may not be at all interested in my concerns about you, I am deeply afraid that you do not know enough about the future ahead of you.  Are you a parent at all?  Are you patient at all?  Have you ever been a patient of someone?

One of my concerns relates to your contributions towards writing and speaking.   Have you not yet written a book on etiquette?  It is something my fellow sisters and I recommend anyone to experience.  We also recommend talking on the subject as interestingly as possible, given that many audience members are not particularly keen to hear about ways to improve their manners.

Your enlightened altruism is meant to be a major, positive influence on key events in history for future generations to admire greatly, like the compositions of Mr Mozart.

If you are seeking a much easier life, my sisters and I would be delighted to help you.  All you need to do is offer us your enlightened altruism and we will offer ours in return.  How do you intend to help us?  What would you prefer us to do to help you?

All members of the Order of the Perpetual Wait are highly trained in the art of listening carefully.  As we are not a religious order, or ideological in any other way, we can make up our own mids about what we hear.

Recently, we have been hearing a considerable amount about abusers and the arts.  We are greatly saddened that so many other people have not been listening as attentively as we have ourselves.

Collectively, the sisters in our Order are experts in addressing all sorts of abuses.  We especially have the skills to deal with strange turns of the mind.

My full name is Sister Matik Anna La Sys.  I was particularly interested, recently, in the Australian Political Reform Club presentation here.  Were you there?

Reforming Australian politics has long been a focus of my devotions.  Most Australian politicians have little idea at all about privacy, or Privacy Policy, and nor do most Australian media organisations.

Enlightened altruism is always respectful and respectable.

There is much for everyone still to learn about situational leadership, situational psychology, situational comedy and situationist arts.  But will you have access to this ethereal theatre for much longer?

I have been involved in many recent investigations relating to the psychogeography experienced by enlightened patrons of the arts.   Several sisters have been helping me with the critical practice of Twaklinist urbanism.  We have developed considerable insights into patterns of outgoingness and abusiveness.  We have also been wondering if you seek to participate in our reformist strategies.

After the final Friday in February presentation recently, I began my new duties as one of the Custodians of the Adelaidezone Gateway.  My fellow custodians and I are most keen to ensure we keep the enemies of enlightenment away from all sorts of positions of influence.

To assist me in my new duties, I have still been able to attend presentations here on science for ladies.  We must all do our best to improve our own enlightenment whenever possible.

As a Custodian, I will soon be required to make a thorough assessment of the enlightened altruism of all prospective visitors to the Adelaidezone.  I am required to leave nothing to chance. 

I am also required to ensure that no-one is given the benefit of the doubt.  Every claim and counterclaim must be thoroughly investigated, as sensitively as possible.

Now, I am sure it is time for more Mozart.  I am delighted to say that at number 19 we have Three German Dances (Teutsche), K. 605.  These were written in that last year of Mozart's mortal existence.

My sisters and I do enjoy dancing, especially to the music of Mozart.  Have you ever danced an allemande?

Altruism, and especially enlightened altruism, is a celebratory activity.  Dancing should always be celebratory, too, and always conducted with appropriate decorum.