Tuesday, 20 February 2018

Patterns of Outgoingness and Abusiveness

Have you ever considered that the most outgoing people are possibly the loneliest?

Outgoing people find most difficulty in being alone.  They fear solitude. They have a desperate need to be with other people.  They have a desperate need to be acknowledged if not liked.  They often despise their own company.  They often reject the value of their own minds.  They constantly want to share, to communicate, to chatter.  But they rarely listen.  They do not respect other minds.

Outgoing people forget that minds exist.

Outgoing people want to be the centre of attention.

Outgoing people are often keen to become politicians.

Outgoing people tend to brag.

When they travel for pleasure, it is not to enjoy the experience, it is to boast about it afterwards.

When they establish businesses, it is not to provide goods and services, it is to enjoy the status of financial success.

When they achieve positions of power, outgoing people are not motivated to lead.  They enjoy influence as a game.

Being outgoing is not necessarily a sign of extroversion.  It is a sign of neediness.

Outgoing people mistake neediness for friendliness.  They mistake other people's social boundaries for signs of rejection.  They have no understanding of the necessity most people have for quiet time, personal space and privacy.

Most predators are outgoing people.  Their attention-seeking often crosses the boundary into abuse.

Have you ever studied the relationship between outgoingness and abusiveness?

Have you ever matched the patterns of gregariousness and disgracefulness?

Have you ever considered that abusive outgoingness and sensation seeking can lead to social rejection and subsequently to social withdrawal, much like in cases of psychological trauma.

There are many ways to learn about the world and its problems. 

The music world can be very dangerous.  It is full of exploitative practices.  Yet playing music can be highly enjoyable, when it is pursued playfully.

Are you ready for the next part of the Mozarty Party Climatologically Cool 100 countdown?

We have now reached number 45.

In Australia, there are many ways for young people to become involved in music.

There is the Song Room.

There is the Australian Children's Music Foundation.

There is Count Us In.

There is or are SongMakers.

How many young Australians have written an opera?

How many young Australians have received a thorough, classical education?

Mozart's opera Ascanio in Alba, K. 111 is known as a festa teatrale.  It was commissioned by the Austrian Empress Maria Theresa and first performed in 1771 in Milan, which was then under Austrian rule.

The composer was 15 years old.  The librettist was a much older poet, Giuseppe Parini.

The focus of the festa teatrale is the mythological poetry rather than the music, in keeping with royal tastes.  The main setting is Alba Longa.

One of the main characters is a young man, known in English as Ascanius.  Another main character is the goddess Venus.

In mythology, there are many abuses of power, just as there are whenever empires exist.

Have you ever attempted to establish a music empire?