Monday, 19 March 2018

A Special Soirée

Preparations are well underway for a special soirée.

The event is to be another of the not-yet-quite famous expressions of non-popular culture for which this ethereal theatre is becoming renowned.

The event itself is for patrons only, as indicated by many of the links below. 

The doors of this usually private ethereal theatre opened for the first time to ordinary mortals on Mr Mozart's birthday in 2016.

Various celebrations are still continuing here in Villa Twaklinilkawt, as they will into perpetuity.

Ordinary mortals have occasionally been philanthropically provided with free tickets for their edification and enlightenment.  

This evening, as one of the distinguished, registered patrons, you may have had the chance to attend a magnificent, post-performance party in the music room here.  You may even have been invited to enjoy a tour of Villa Twaklinilkawt during the main interval.

You may be expected upstairs instead.  A salon on world peace is currently being held there.  The salon guests will then attend the soirée before resume their discussions in the grand dining room.

Are you aware that world peace appears to be confined to non-popular culture?

And do you know how to find your way upstairs to the salon for world peace?

Ordinary mortals are no longer invited to the salon as a consequence of their lack of enlightened leadership.  You are therefore very privileged.