Monday, 26 March 2018

All from Fun to Despair

When have you attended a performance beginning with fun and ending in despair?

Is life usually like that or would such a thought be too depressing to dwell upon for even a moment?

The fleeting pleasures of creativity may make life meaningful and worth dwelling upon.  They may even be perceived as fun.

Fleeting pleasures, of various types, are all that most people possess to prevent themselves from falling into despair.

Yet drudgery and disillusionment are never far from the surface.

Who are your true friends?  How do they prevent themselves - and you - from falling into despair?

You may seek to discuss such matters with your friends during the main interval, or with a few strangers, possibly.

Are your friends really strangers, too?

Is someone whispering about you behind your back?

Does the state of the art you enjoy reflect the state of your mind?

How quickly can a moment turn from fun to grief?

How can you develop a reputation for stability and credibility in the face of uncertainty, tragedy and/or unending pain?

Is there reason for hope?

Will fun return?

Is fun itself mostly cruelty?

Did you and the people around you buy your own season tickets to be here or did someone else purchase the tickets for you?

How do you usually attempt to cheer up a despairing or grieving person?

Have you ever experienced psychological trauma?

Have you ever experienced a physical or mental shock?

Do most people live a life of shock 'til you drop?