Tuesday, 20 March 2018

Auditions for The Social Media Show

Are you aware that there has only ever been one public performance of The Social Media Show?  All other performances of that production have been much more exclusive.  This ethereal theatre is, after all, the world's most enlightening digital performance space.

How have you been spending the International Day of Happiness?

I hope you have been expressing healthy concerns and displaying leadership for quality of life.

This week, I am providing interpersonal training in Adelaide.  In my spare time, over recent weekends, I have been learning about climatological gardening.

What are you providing, and what have you been learning towards your future success?

The interpersonal training I provide involves teaching everyone about preparations for and by respectable investigators.   We must all do our best to keep the hypocrites off the world stage.

Auditions for The Social Media Show are continuing in this ethereal theatre, sometimes on a daily basis.  Do you already know what is involved?