Thursday, 15 March 2018

Closing Gaps in Fairness

My name is Sister Ettie Kett.  I am one of the Custodians of the Adelaidezone Gateway.

I am here to facilitate the next stage of the online South Australian State Election Mental Health Forum.

Firstly, I wish to express appreciation for the ongoing work of Professor Fairness.

As you probably know, Professor Fairness has considerable expertise in identifying gaps in mental health care, in every society. 

Saving people from the worst outcomes of mental health crises must begin by closing gaps, of every variety, in every society, and in every community in every society.

As you will undoubtedly know, acting in the best interests of everyone and everything is not difficult when everyone is willing to be co-operative.  Yet there are many conflicting attitudes and assumptions about co-operation.

To improve everyone's health, vitality, peace and prosperity, with the urgency deserved, it is everyone's responsibility to identify any almost lost opportunities to express proper care.

My work primarily involves inclusive politics.  I am especially interested in addressing frequently ignored problems and advocating enlightened approaches to democracy.

Assisting me today are:

Elisabetta Gonzaga, Duchess of Montefeltro

Mary Tudor. Queen of France

Adagia and Advatisa Newsworthy

Marianne Mozart

Euphrosina, the Queen of Drama

Elizabeth Acton, Lady Throckmorton

C├Ącilia Weber and her talented daughters

And several other persons to be introduced in a few moments from now.

Elisabetta is often involved in managing and presenting the Mozarty Party World Peace and Global Prosperity Tour.

Mary is often involved in supporting dialogues of enlightenment.

Adagia and Advatisa were involve in supporting last year's Ethereal World Peace Award ceremony.  Adagia is likely to be involved this year but Advatisa is unable to do so, mainly for personal reasons.

Marianne and her family have long been involved in supporting and mentoring patrons of enlightenment.  They have also been involved in supporting and mentoring enlightened patrons.

Euphrosina knows a great deal about the logic of good drama, travesties of justice and travesti roles.  She is keen to ensure you are similarly informed.

Lady Throckmorton takes an interest in family matters.

Mrs Weber and her daughters have long been involved in preventing indoctrination and other forms of brainwashing, particularly on the world stage and minor stages, and at the stage door during state elections.

Anyone truly interested in closing gaps will have a reputation for respecting maturely intelligent audiences.  All members of those audiences have long been involved in learning from history.

Closing gaps is both a vocation and an avocation.

How do you bridge cultural gaps?

How do you express intercultural understanding without debasing your preferred cultural standards?

Have you ever been a student at the Sprezzatura School of Twaklinomics?

Have you recently been investigating situations regarding abusers and the arts?

Your answers to those four questions will establish your reputation for the remainder of the forum.

To continue, I am now honoured to introduce you to more of my assistants in this forum, including:

Madame Adelaide

Madame Adelaide has long been working to support the important work of the Australian Political Reform Club.

She and I, and the other ladies here today, hope you have been catching up with many necessary tasks associated with closing gaps.

I will also now introduce you to another supportive person:

Queen Adelaide

Her Majesty has spent most of the past decade enquiring into significance for South Australians.

Also joining us are:

Maria Christina, Duchess of Teschen

Her Eminence Sister Matik Anna La Sys


Sister Cyannce La Burra-Tree

Maria Christina has recently been involved in presenting courses on science for ladies.

Sister Matik has long been involved in presenting courses on enlightened altruism.

Sister Cyannce often presents courses on using imagination courteously and compassionately in the applied sciences.  Her recent, highly successful involvement in the Twaklinesque Decorum Forum has been acknowledged widely amongst true etiquette experts.

Now, to continue.

The fair expression of effectiveness supports mental health just as the effective expression of fairness supports mental health.

Fairly and effectively closing gaps always begins by distinguishing truth from fact.  Measuring fairness and effectiveness can only occur through a fact-based approach to closing gaps.

The online South Australian State Election Mental Health Forum is no exception to that important rule.  Indeed, we are only just starting with the examination of claims and counterclaims.  That is due to the fact that the political parties seeking to provide their own representative South Australians in the state Parliament of South Australia have not yet supplied sufficient information for us to examine.

Being able to distinguish between fake friends, fake crowds and truly enlightened beings is not difficult whenever decorum is maintained.  That is why I am also delighted that Faye Queneuse has made time in her busy schedule to join us here.

Faye has noticed that political candidates and their active supporters usually fail to set clear priorities for themselves.  They fail to read important emails accurately.  They also fail to delegate appropriately.

The duty of everyone here today is to close various gaps, including the following:

Affluence and poverty

Virtue and vice

Health and illness

Peace and violence

Freedom and authoritarianism

Safety and danger

Knowledge and ignorance

Harmony and racism

Arrogance and sexism

Courtesy and rudeness

Respect and greed

Art and vanity

Science and indoctrination

Reason and madness

Love and hate

Leadership and foolishness

Truth and falsehood

Responsibility and laziness

How do you maintain optimal standards whilst attempting to improve situations that are less than optimal?

In her later life, as you may know, Elisabetta Gonzaga became a refugee at the instigation of a bully

Why do gaps fail to close?

How do you tell the difference between imposing and empowering?

Where is public support most needed, and how?

What can health care professionals do when gaps in fairness arise?

How have you identified and defined gaps in fairness and how have you been attempting to close those gaps?

As a Custodian of the Adelaidezone Gateway, it is my duty to inform you that entry requirements are becoming more restricted to ensure accessibility can be fairly maintained.

The questions to be presented to future, potential visitors will be straightforward, at least for well-informed members of the public.

Please close any gaps in your knowledge at your earliest convenience:

Inclusive experiences - Parts one and two

Exclusive experiences - Partly if not wholly

Toi toi toi Twaklin

Politics as a performing art

The logic of good drama - Part M

How to use a keyboard wisely

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