Thursday, 29 March 2018

Creatively Revolting Against the Absurd

Much of the Theatre of the Absurd continues to be performed on the world stage.  The audiences are usually left wondering what the point of absurdity is meant to be.  But it has no point, except for the people making money from absurd situations.

Why, then, with that information at hand, would any sensible person bother paying for a pointless experience?

Yet most entertainment is itself pointless.  Entertainment, even when not entirely pointless for its financial beneficiaries, has one therapeutic benefit, namely that it is a distraction from other forms of pointlessness.

Pointlessness itself can makes a considerable amount of money for a few people.  War is usually pointless.  Many other forms of competitiveness are pointless.  They are therefore absurd.

When the world itself has its hinges torn off by the juxtaposition of absurdist humour and absurdist tragedy, creatively revolting against the absurd is no longer an expression of absurdism. It is the purpose of living.

When faced with a factual dystopia, the silliness of romantic ideas, the immaturity of attraction to cuteness, and the stupidity of political corruption, turn the tragicomedy of life into a horror-farce of epic proportions.

Your enlightened life mission, therefore, is to make the world a much better place than it would be without you.  How are you carrying out your mission?

There are no answers to be found in works of absurdist fiction, including the ones often described as religious texts.  Unenlightened interpretations of texts, especially when too literal, are themselves absurd.

The absurd is an escape from reality.  And reality, true reality, is rational.  It is evidence-based.  And it allows wit and lightly surreal ideas to confront the truly absurd.

Wit itself is the only effective antidote to exasperating situations.