Saturday, 24 March 2018

Deleting Dictatorial Influences

Has anyone ever unreasonably tried to persuade you to act in a particular way?

What do you usually do when unreasonableness arises?

Do you delete dictatorial influences from your life?

Sometimes, or even often, doing the deleting peacefully is not as simple and straightforward as most of us would prefer.

Who are the dictators in your own family?

Who are the most difficult dictators to deal with in your life?

How do you tell the difference between respect for a personal preference, respect for a personal need and a disrespectful, interpersonal demand?

There will always be many more important things to do in life than seeking attention from (other) attention seekers.  Many attention seekers are dictatorial.

How do you know you are not dictatorial?

Do you have a dictatorial employer?

What does it mean to dictate?

What have you been doing to prevent people from becoming dictators?

Is democracy still merely the Tribune of the Plebs?

Do you have any sort of veto power?

Do you know how to tell the difference between reasonable power and unreasonable power?

Who is currently behaving like a Roman dictator?

Who has been feeding fake news to the plebs, and why?

Social media is one of the main methods through which fake news spreads.  Who, then, has a responsibility for ensuring the public is well-informed?

Social media is also one of the main methods through which truth spreads from ordinary citizens to wider populations.  The mass media usually takes a much narrower view of the world than reasonable citizens tend to do.

Are you a reasonable citizen?

No reasonable citizen is ever dictatorial.

But everyone should respect the dictates of reason.

Who is attempting to delete reasonableness from your existence, and why?