Sunday, 25 March 2018

False Hopes and Financial Disasters

Unpredictability is at the heart of the arts.

While the sciences thrive on predictability, the arts thrive on the opposite.

The arts are a journey without a map.

The sciences are a map.

While scientists seek to place more detail on the scientific map, artists explore the unmapped landscape of the human imagination.

Science has often raised false hopes, but so have the arts.  Both have also contributed to financial disasters.

But banking is neither based on science nor art.  It is a wild and inhospitable territory filled with predators.

Easy credit leads to greed, to speculation and to financial disaster.  Easy credit gives false hope.

Profits for banks tend to rise through raising false hopes, especially amongst the relatively less wealthy.

What do you remember of the most recent, global financial crisis?

In Australia's finance industry, people are employed to exploit their fellow citizens unfairly, much like the sporting industry.

But is the tax system treating anyone unfairly, or too generously?

How have you been identifying tax crimes and other forms of abuse?

False hopes, financial disasters and banking usually have some bearing on the following:

An interplanetary career

State of the art

Stability and credibility

A much better system of management is possible after attending:

The Twaklinesque Decorum Forum

But you may not yet understand who has:

The ownership of vital electoral decisions

Positions of trust

There is much unfairness and other cheating in Australia, and in other parts of the world, much of which is hidden from public view.  Investigations by quality citizen-journalists and other concerned persons are continuing.

Not over yet

Healthy concerns

Bravura backstories

What are directors of enlightenment meant to do about false hopes and financial disasters?

When are false hopes and financial disasters inclusive experiences and when are they more indicative of exclusive experiences - partly if not wholly?

When are false hopes and financial disasters entirely exclusive experiences?

Do false hopes and financial disasters usually result from the dangers of charm and charisma?

But can false hopes and financial disasters be prevented through the logic of good drama?

You may be able to prevent false hopes and financial disasters by teaching people how to use a keyboard wisely.

You may find that easier after supplying at least a few free opportunities for enlightenment.

Do you own any housing?

Do you have many investments?

Are you paying the price of other people's investments?
Keeping false hopes and financial disasters at bay may require acquiring a much high education in the arts.