Wednesday, 21 March 2018

Harmony Day in the Adelaidezone

Today is Harmony Day in Australia.  Do you need this information translated?

Harmony in society can only occur when there is equality before the law.  When does that ever happen?

You may recently have been involved in informing the South Australian public in the public interest, with or without the assistance of a hardworking cat.

You may have been thinking about harmony and peace for a considerable time.

You may even have been making musical discoveries.

Have you ever explored Australian Harmony Day with Mr Mozart and the Mozarty Party?

Many persons involved in beautifully harmonious activities will be involved in preventing various forms of slavery in South Australia in the months and years ahead.  What will you be doing?

Where have you been hearing the harmonious interplay of beauty, understanding and magnificence recently?

The South Australian Labor party has been attempting to work out who should lead it over the next four years.

No-one is quite sure what the new state Liberal government is attempting to do.

But if you are presuming you will have no trouble accessing the Adelaidezone in future, why is that?

Perhaps you have recently believed you would make a very good centrist member of the State Parliament of South Australia, but what has been your training in that regard? 

How many years have you been practicing and perfecting your art? 

Where and when did you developed the skills of a competent composer of enlightened policies?

There is considerable disharmony in contemporary life, for a wide variety of reasons.

What are your proposals for reconfiguring societal, political, economic and environmental compositions?

The Adelaide Adagia News Ensemble promises to keep all the political dancers on their toes, as usual.

When the ethereal proprietor of Villa Twaklinilkawt first provided the ordinary public with digital access to her Adelaidezone home, back in 2009, she sought to ensure everyone understood that she did so on the basis of three personal preferences:

a) Avoiding crowds

b) Refusing to rush

c) Encouraging enlightenment

Do you have a calm, gracious, philanthropic manner?

Are you a supporter of the work conducted from this location?

Quality of life is not crowded, rushed or ignorant. 

Quality of life is supported by the harmonious interplay of beauty, understanding and magnificence.

How do you support beautiful societal relationships, proper economic understanding and deep respect for the foundational magnificence of the natural world?