Saturday, 24 March 2018

How to Tell the Difference between Real and Fake Applause

What is the sound of non-coerced clapping?  How does it differ from coerced clapping?

How do you know when applause is a genuine show of appreciation and not a reluctant act on the part of uncomfortable but polite persons?

Clapping is a percussive performance?

Sometimes it is performed on a stage.

Sometimes it is performed elsewhere in an auditorium or other venue.

How are clapping and applause intertwined, and why?

What is your knowledge of the history of ovations?

Have you ever received a standing ovation?

have you ever given an ululation?

Few purported performers appear to know that being liked on social media is not a form of applause.  Unenlightened persons are often unaware of that fact.

Unfortunately, applause is used mainly as a form of approval.  But what happens when a performer expresses truth and the audience dismisses it, or responds negatively?

Is applause a form of bias?  Is it little different from social media "likes"?

In fact, applause is a terribly loud sound in any situation, even without amplification.  It is much like coughing, sneezing and slowly unwrapping small items of confectionery from cellophane during an otherwise exquisite pianissimo.

What is your understanding of concert etiquette in various situations?

How do you perform bowing, or even give a curtsy?

How do you usually behave during a curtain call?

Who and/or what have you recently been vocally or silently cheering, and why?

Who and/or what have you recently been vocally or silently booing, and why?