Monday, 12 March 2018

Mental Health in South Australia

Good morning and welcome to this online forum on mental health in South Australia.

You may have been at the introductory, digital session yesterday.

My pseudonym is Felicity and I will be the facilitator for the next few hours.

For the state election, I am in one of the special categories for enrolment.

I am a silent elector, for reasons of security.

That is also why I use a pseudonym in my online public life.

Early yesterday evening, all the candidates of the six main political parties in the state election were invited to contribute to this forum by email.

All other South Australian voters are also welcome to participate, as are mental health experts from around the world, and senior representatives of the globally renowned Mozarty Party.

How do you imagine the scene here today in this ethereal theatre?

What do you know about various scenes?

What do you consider to be obscene?

How do you compare the present with the past?

How scientific is your approach to mental health?

How do you believe corruption, complacency and incompetence within bureaucracies affects mental health in South Australia?

How have you been addressing frequently ignored problems?

How do you usually respond to weather monsters?

What changes do you consider necessary to improve the ways in which election campaigns are usually run in this part of the world?

When have the actions of SA Police protected you from potential harm and when have the actions, and inactions, eroded your mental wellbeing?

Who and what must change?