Wednesday, 21 March 2018

Music to Your Ears

Is the absence of corruption usually music to your ears?

Any beautiful musical performance interrupted is corrupted.

Any interference in the transmission of a broadcast is an annoyance.

Any distortion of the sound of a recording is either a corruption of the intention or an intended noise.  But how do you tell the difference?

Are valuable, exclusive experiences often a consequence of corruption?

How do you know when a mistake or defect is deliberate or unintended?

What is music to your ears, and why?

Here are a few matters you may be yet to consider properly:

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Once there, it may be possible to upgrade your Adelaidezone status, subject to negotiation.  You will be expected to demonstrate your knowledge of Twaklinology but not necessarily musicology.

1. Avoiding confusion

2. How to have an enlightened understanding

3. A broader perspective

4. Political diaphaneity

5. Amalgamations and collaborations