Sunday, 25 March 2018

Please Speak Up or Sing Louder

How do you ensure your voice is heard when it is meant to be heard?

How do you know when your voice is meant to be heard?

Who wants to listen to you, and why do they wish to do so?

Who should be listening to you but refusing to do so?

If you are yet to perform on The Social Media Show, please do not worry if your prior knowledge of the role expected of you is currently lacking.

What do you believe the role involves?

Who has expectations of you in that role?

What are those expectations?

Do you have any questions?

My name is Johannes Kepler.  I am currently a strong believer in the natural light of reason, though I once had a career as an astrologer.

Measuring the beneficial and detrimental aspects of all pursuits is, in essence, Twaklinological.  Once the quantitative data is mined, crunched and refined, the purity of the Twaklinist, the Twaklinian and Twaklinesque becomes possible to examine scientifically.

How do you interpret nature?

How do you interpret culture?

How do you predict nature and culture?

Please speak up.  I cannot hear you.

Do you sing?

Perhaps you can only be heard with amplification.

For reasons of moral integrity, in the public interest, social media is only used through Villa Twaklinilkawt for scientific purposes.  

Everyone officially associated with this location is keen to prevent all forms of scientific misconduct, and all other forms of misconduct for that matter.

What is your understanding of the science of morality?

Have you ever been part of a scientific revolution?

Have you ever been part of a financial revolution?

Do you know much about mathematics?

Are you a celestial mechanic or an orbital mechanic or any other sort of mechanic?

I am one of the classical mechanics in the Mozarty Party.

What is your understanding of the workings of your airstream mechanism?

How do you gain an acquaintance with any mechanical system?

What are the main differences between you and a machine?

Which parts of you are mechanical and which ones are not?

Are my laws on planetary motion of any relevance to you and your future plans?

I did not, of course, invent those laws, I merely discovered their existence.

How do you usually discover laws of nature and what do you do with that information once you have found it?

I am not sure where market mechanisms and the machinery of government fit into the laws of the universe.

Wherever you exist on Earth, you will fail the auditions here unless you can identify trustworthy information, whether it is newsworthy or not.

Sometimes, the auditions continue in the gardens of Villa Twaklinilkawt.  Where do you usually prefer to express your imagination, and how?

The persons officially associated with this location always supply trustworthy news, on a wide range of highly enlightening subjects.  Many of those subjects are of global consequence.

How do you ensure your voice is heard all around the world when it matters most?

What have been your most important discoveries, and how have you shared them?

Have you required special effects to assist you? 

All unnatural amplification is a special effect.  All unnatural acoustical assistance provides special effects. 

Advertising is a special effect, as are all forms of promotion, with or without the use of money, influence and/or political power.

All broadcasting is a special effect.  All use of the mass media supplies special effects, at least in theory.

Do you usually express yourself in an echo chamber, literally or figuratively?

Do you expect the hearers of your voice to behave like a Greek chorus?

What is your knowledge of the art and science of singing?

What do you believe great singing has in common with quantum mechanics?

How do you describe the probability amplitude of your voice?

How well trained is your voice?

Do you suffer from a voice disorder or speech disorder?

Have you ever worked as a vocologist?

What is your understanding of speech-language pathology?

What is your understanding of defects in hearing?

Do you intend to make yourself more comprehensible in order to reach wider audiences, or even specialist audiences?

How do you examine, and reflect upon the contextual aspects of language comprehension?

How do you attempt to explain your experiences of the universe to people without similar experiences?

How do you connect with people who have had similar experiences to yourself but without your skill at articulating the meaning and/or feeling of those experiences?

What is your understanding of psycholinguistics?

How do you know when your voice is loud enough?

How do you know when your voice is clear enough?

How do you know when your meaning has been interpreted as intended?

And when does your voice drown out other people who deserve to be heard?