Tuesday, 13 March 2018

Political Vision

With the South Australian State Election Mental Health Forum continuing, where is the long-term vision to ensure the decades ahead will be pleasantly prosperous, peaceful, healthy and enjoyably creative for everyone?

Political vision is not about dreams.  It is not necessarily about having grand plans.  It is about identifying potential future problems and preparing to deal with them wisely, in an ongoing, evidence-based way.

But governments come and go and change direction, sometimes with unfortunate consequences.

Everyone involved in this forum is busy comparing policies properly before the state election.

Quite a few are evaluating policies brilliantly.

Even when not involved in party politics, well-informed people are usually involved in supporting quality policies for South Australia.

What and where are those policies in relation to mental health?

Who is helping to improve health policies from South Australia?

Who is finding policy controversies and resolving the matters magnificently?

Who is recommending respectful policy responses by all governments?

Who is monitoring possible injustices?

Who is challenging assumptions about preferences?

Who has the vision?

Do the narcissists?

Do the psychopaths?

Is most policy in Australia developed by people with personality disorders?