Tuesday, 20 March 2018

Preparations for and by Respectable Investigators

Since the launch of The Prompt Book for World Peace last October, here in this ethereal theatre, many respectable investigators have been using the book during their auditions and rehearsals.

As the world's most enlightening prompt book, The Prompt Book for World Peace reminds all investigators that the main interval is one of the most important parts of any worthwhile investigation or production.

Directors of enlightenment are especially using The Prompt Book For World Peace as part of their preparatory, investigative efforts.

Part One

Part Two

The creative director of this ethereal theatre, as the main author of The Prompt Book For World Peace, reminds readers that there is no true security or privacy in the digital world.  That is why wise individuals refuse to allow any of their personal, identifying details to be stored anywhere online.

Respectable investigators do not use record linkages and data mining unfairly.  They know that data matching is often used as a weapon.

Most highly respectable, non-popular culture occurs offline, in the physical world.

Enlightened beings are aware that the online world is most useful as a resource tool for investigating how to improve the world.

Any person, even a scientific person, is not respectable if the work of that person is used for manipulative or otherwise harmful purposes.

How do you know your mind is your own? 

How well to you question yourself, challenge your own opinions and seek out the truth?

Respectable investigators seek truth, not financial and/or political advantage over the gullible.

Recent presentation in this ethereal theatre have been mainly for the benefit of Australians.  There are many gullible people in Australia.  Respectable investigators do not take advantage of gullibility.  They try to train people to be less gullible.

Some gullible people have been known to set up digital social media platforms without accepting the potential, dire, social, economic and political consequences for entire societies, and even the entire world.  Enlightened beings have long been warning of those dangers.

Any person thinking there is anything normal about the online world is gullible.  The digital natives are more naive than the illiterate peasants of earlier centuries.

Every online device is a secret agent.

But what are the local effects?

What happens when manipulators gain political power?

And how do manipulators gain political power?  What are the gaps in the laws and administrative processes allowing that danger to arise?

Unless you require a high public profile for career purposes, what is the point in using your real personal details online, whether in public or private?

Can you trust anyone online with your personal information, your financial details, your private photographs, or information about your social interactions and relationships?

Respectable investigators prepare very well indeed.  They know when gullibility occurs and they refuse to play upon it.  They are not interested in collecting personal details.

Any respectable investigator will know the difference between inclusive experiences and exclusive experiences.  They are highly alert to problems arising from failure to distinguish one from the other.

Social media and online social networking tend to be both political and superficial.   They, and many similarly sinister pieces of software, turn the Internet into a data mine, a fishing net, a phishing trawl, an egotistical mirror, and a voyeuristic degradation of the human spirit.

How do you tell the difference between the inclusive and the exclusive?

Inclusive experiences - part one and two

Exclusive experiences - partly if not wholly

Most people have little real understanding of the dangers of social media and online social networking.  There are considerable, long-term risks from the deliberate or inadvertent release of potential sensitive, and/or possibly compromising, personal information.

Have you ever been treated as a pawn in political warfare?

How do you know you are not a useful idiot to a political warrior?

Enlightened beings are not influenced by the mass media at all, or by social media.  They are influenced through the trial and error of personal experience. 

They are subsequently, and cyclically, influenced by the shaping of their own minds as a consequence of knowledge and experience.

How do you tell the difference between Cambridge Analytica and Oxford Analytica?

Does the name Robert Mercer mean anything to you?

Does the name Robert Mueller mean anything to you?

Does the name Edward Snowden mean anything to you?

What currently interests you and why?

What currently gives you pleasure and why, and how?

How can you prove you use social media and online social networking purely for respectful, mutually enlightening purposes?

And what will prompt you to further your own respectable investigations?