Wednesday, 21 March 2018

Putting Together a Really Effective Leadership Team

Your duty, right at this moment, is to demonstrate your leadership of the second Age of Enlightenment.  That sort of performance will usually be demonstrated in various areas of Villa Twaklinilkawt, including on the world stage in this ethereal theatre.

Enlightenment is rarely demonstrated elsewhere in the world, and certainly not elsewhere in Adelaide, though you are most welcome to ensure your real friends and various digital followers have access to the timelessly amazing experiences often to be witnessed here in the Adelaidezone. 

How else will you supply evidence of your enlightened leadership?

How do you usually make important announcements for Adelaide?

How do you usually learn from other people's mistakes?

Where do you usually seek entirely exclusive experiences?

How would you describe, and possibly even predict, a peaceful and pleasant New Year?

Your initial arrival in Villa Twaklinilkawt is likely to have been a serendipitous experience.  There are many enlightening surprises to discover here, and no nasty shocks.

You may even have sought out season tickets,

Putting together a really effective leadership is not without its challenges. 

Persons with coarse habits, or an otherwise unpolished disposition, are likely to be considered, by more refined team members, as rude, unsophisticated, loutish, brash, tasteless or even grotesque.

Persons with better table manners, cleaner finger nails and shinier shoes may be considered arrogant or superficial, or both, by persons who have had more struggles in life to afford food, pay water bills and find suitably smart footwear in end-of-season sales.

If you truly understand the history of quality citizen-journalism in Adelaide, you will be well aware of the official Adelaide Adagia Twitter launch.

Quality citizen-journalism supplies enlightened guidance for anyone attempting to put together a really effective leadership team.

Most leaders already have a team.  Ousting the ineffectual members can itself be difficult, especially when those persons have embarrassingly bad habits of one sort or another. 

Yet it is usually necessary to remove those persons from the team before more effective, prospective members are likely to be attracted to the opportunity to join. 

Sometimes, it is possible to train ineffectual members in the art and science of effectiveness, but most take no notice.  Their bad habits are far too ingrained to be redeemed.

It is obviously much better to begin building a team without ineffectual members, but the real world rarely allows that to occur.  There are many highly deceptive actors out there with an ability to pretend competence in short performances.  None are likely to maintain consistent quality during long running productions.

The official Villa Twaklinilkawt communications team is currently under the leadership of the highly experienced Privacy Policy.  If you are inadequately acquainted with Privacy, why is that?

Privacy has much experience of the harmonious interplay of fairness ensembles.

Trustworthiness is something everyone officially associated with Villa Twaklinilkawt understands very well indeed.

How can you prove you are trustworthy?

How can you prove you are a suitable person to invite to join a trustworthy team?