Thursday, 15 March 2018

Seeking New Audiences and New Voters

The desire for new audiences is much like the desire for new voters.  The main problem, in both cases, is that the methods usually selected to attain that desire tend to be rejected by established audiences and long loyal voters.

If your established audiences and/or long loyal voters expect you to match Mozart, they are unlikely to appreciate your subsequent performances if you then follow various short-lived fads instead.

Does your usual audience regularly expect a gala overture of elegance and magnificence?

Are you seeking new audiences of persons enlightened already, or do you merely hope they will become more so in the future?

What sorts of new voters are you seeking to attract with your policies?

The Mozarty Party Climatologically Cool 100 countdown is not yet continuing.  The musicians are preparing to vote and are therefore busy examining policy compositions by various political parties.

Unfortunately, no-one passed the candidature auditions for the Mozarty Party itself.  As a consequence, most prospective Mozarty Party candidates for future elections and other performances are now participating in remedial training.

Lifting the tone of every society must be rehearsed with immediacy, everywhere.

If you are usually a protest voter, are you also a protest singer-songwriter?

Whatever your preferred methods of public communication, how do you ensure you are neither louder nor quieter than necessary?

As only unenlightened individuals have no desire to experience an enlightened democracy, the Mozarty Party is offering everyone the opportunity to become more enlightened as the first step towards world peace and universal prosperity.

The Mozarty Party attempts to achieve that aim through the presentation of policy compositions of the highest quality.  Only unreasonable persons would oppose enlightened policies.

How are you willing to make a contribution?

Conservativism and traditionalism rarely have much in common with truth.  Nor do any other ideologies, wherever they sit on a political spectrum.

The lack of interest or ability in finding truth is why people are unenlightened.

There is much work involved in enlightening the public.  Without that work, attempting to improve the world will become even more unpleasantly unfruitful, dangerous and distressing.

How well acquainted are you with Apulia, Egypt, Rome and Syria?

Conservatism and traditionalism are not enlightened, and will never become so.  Their practitioners are not interested in truth.  They are interested in the preservation of past patterns, even though those patterns are the cause of many problems.

An enlightened person will seek new audiences and/or voters from amongst the persons seeking enlightenment.  They will not waste their time on the ignorantly unenlightened, lazy and blatantly self-interested sort.

Enlightened persons are devoted to the truth, to logic and to compassion.

The first step for anyone intending to become more enlightened is to acknowledge that all enlightened beings are well aware of their own ignorance.

Enlightened beings know that they will always be ignorant.  They know that their knowledge will always be limited.  Yet they still seek truth and give it proper respect.  They still respect logic and good reasoning.  They still expect policies and practices to reflect compassion.

How do you express your understanding of the world, and your place within it, though the arts?

There are many unenlightened persons in the world and that, in itself, is indicated by social media followings and large, loud, public events.  Attention-seekers are usually unenlightened.

You may be aware that, unlike unenlightened persons enlightened ones use social media services mainly for research purposes.  They use the Internet more generally for the same reason.  They maintain their social lives mainly through private interactions.

True friendship requires sincerity.  True courage is required when seeking out  new ones.

How have you acquired knowledge of audiences, voters, needs and nature?

The direction of the political world is much like the direction of the wind, namely relatively unpredictable.