Saturday, 24 March 2018

The Anagnorisis of Quality Journalism

If you have been attempting to provide dignified, philanthropic, journalistic services to the public, only to find yourself treated with systematic disregard by politicians, political staffers, government employees, government contractors, and/or various persons and systems in the corporate, not-for-profit and criminal spheres of society, then you will obviously know that appreciation of the truth is not necessarily widespread.

Here in this ethereal theatre, much training has already been supplied to enlightened beings.  Those persons then calmly and reasonably identify problems in the world.  They urgently seek to solve as many of those problems as possible, as calmly and reasonably as possible.

Enlightened beings have awareness and insight.  They are willing to accept that some problems are intractable as a consequence of considerable unreasonableness and selfishness in the world. 

The perpetual wait for proper respect is therefore acknowledged as a reality by enlightened persons.  They do not expect unreasonable persons to become reasonable.  Nor do they expect selfish people to become magnanimous.  Instead, enlightened beings build their own exclusive society, based on reasonableness and magnanimity.

Whether you decide to behave in a consistently oppressive and authoritarian manner or an aggressively rebellious way, or otherwise self-indulgently, or whether you prefer to be a peacefully enlightened being, is very much up to you.  No-one can decide for you how you choose to respond to situations. The choice is exclusively yours. 

If you are an enlightened being, you will seek to make the world a better place as efficiently, effectively and humanely as possible.  You will know that there is no point in devoting attention towards persons with whom your values are incompatible.  They will not listen to reason.  They will not show respect for your work.  They will not display generosity or gratitude.

Respectful relationships only occur with privacy.   People with insufficient respect for privacy will never be trustworthy.  They are therefore unworthy of attention.

Every enlightened being philanthropically supplies informational support to every other enlightened being, in the fairest, most effective ways possible.

People without the ability to understand fairness are never likely to become enlightened.

Enlightened beings understand fairness and finance.  They understand that all debt is a risk.

One of the best ways to train the mind to think clearly is to spend at least half an hour each day learning something completely new.  The topic should mostly relate to good reasoning, logic, ethics and aesthetics.

Enlightened beings tend to be interested in philosophical pursuits.

What is your understanding of anagnorisis?

What is your understanding of trustworthiness?

Only enlightened beings are trustworthy.

Enlightened beings seek equanimity when making decisions.  They calmly and politely endeavour to prevent abusiveness whilst identifying and acknowledging local changes in power and influence.

Only an enlightened being has the ability to give a wonderful performance for enlightened audiences, including the critics.

Quality journalism is dependent upon the anagnorisis of enlightened social criticism.  That critiquing process is the foundation upon which trustworthy newsworthiness is discovered:

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