Sunday, 25 March 2018

The Celebration of Enlightenment

How do you usually celebrate enlightenment?

Is enlightenment often a turning point for you?

Is enlightenment when things start to fall into place?

Is enlightenment a form of narrative transportation, and vice versa?

True enlightenment avoids false dilemmas.

Enlightened beings provide social support for the expression of truth.

Where and how do you support expressions of the truth?

How do you support the harmonious interplay of beauty, understanding and magnificence?

As it is likely that you and your fellow audience members are now sufficiently eligible to be regarded as enlightened beings, please be seated, as calmly and quietly as possible, for the performance ahead.

No two performances or productions are ever quite alike in this ethereal theatre, even when exclusive access is supplied to the private events here.

Enlightenment is never entirely scripted.  Enlightened compositions always leave room for enlightening improvisations.

Depending on the etiquette and morality of the situation, well informed, lively audience members are likely to contribute something worthwhile to artistic events in most locations within which live performances occur, or even digital performances.  This particularly applies when the lively audience members are especially well informed about history, culture and performance standards. 

Such audience members celebrate enlightenment whenever it is possible to do so.

Unpleasantly boisterous audience members are rarely enlightened.  They are likely to be merely disruptive and ignorant.

Enlightened beings enjoy exploring unusual juxtapositions as a way to gain new insights into the problems and challenges of life.

How often have you been a relatively enlightened compère at a celebration of enlightenment, and how well have you performed in that capacity?

How well do you usually perform as an audience member during such celebrations?

How likely or unlikely will it be for you to be willing to participate as a patron of upcoming public occasions in which enlightenment is likely to be celebrated?