Saturday, 17 March 2018

The End of South Australia As You Know It

Hello everyone.  I'm Charles Maurice de Talleyrand-PĂ©rigord, a world expert on unpredictable political situations.

As you may have noticed, I am keeping my cool about tonight's election analysis, unlike the competition.

Who do you think has more experience in situations like this?

If you missed the earlier presentations here today, they provided at least some of the essential contextual understanding for tonight's analysis:

Another prospective supplier of an election analysis has taken over a different local theatrical location:

Now, do please prepare yourself for a few surprises.  I would not want anyone to be shocked, baffled or inadequately composed. 

Emotional confusion causes all sorts of problems in the world.

As you will probably be well aware by now, all South Australian voters, whether they are current leaders of political parties or not, were invited on Sunday to participate in a week-long digital forum here on mental health policies. 

Apparently, three leaders of South Australian political parties preferred to stand around uncomfortably on a stage elsewhere.

But how did you prepare for this election?

Where did you seek information, analysis and credible differences of opinion?

You may be seeking a summary of my Twitter investigations.

Firstly, I sought advice from my ex-boss. 

You probably know I am an ex-Catholic bishop.

Secondly, I examined correlations between one sort of popularity and another.

Thirdly, I compared state politics with federal politics.

4th, I acknowledged the role of art in supporting mental health

5th, I shut out the political noise

6th, I watched out for irony

How did you make decisions over the past few weeks?

Did you remember to vote?

According to the clock on my smartphone, the polls have just shut. 

Now I must return to the Talleyrand Room to take my place there.