Wednesday, 14 March 2018

The Essential Features of a Statewide Mental Health Strategy

Dear voter

In three hours from now, your opportunity to make an initial contribution to this forum will close.

At present, we are establishing the essential features of an effective, statewide mental health strategy.

We have already made a start:

1. Global security

2. Local security

3. Energy security

4. Water security

5. Food security

6. Domestic security of tenure

7. Domestic safety and security

8. Workplace safety and security

9. Employment security

10. Political security

11. Financial security

12. Interpersonal courtesy

Many details of the plan are currently confidential.  Only official participants in the forum will gain access to that information.

Sufficient security and safety are only possible in enlightened democracies.  Ensuring Australia becomes more enlightened and more democratic will certainly help.

It is often the case that claims of additional security actually make people feel less secure.

We hope to be joined tomorrow morning by a panel of six distinguished guests.

Scheduled to appear are:

Dr Lavinia Citanul of the Loyal South Australian Society for the Preservation of Reason.

Dr Lucinda Rettun of the Therapeutic Arts Administration.

Dr Leigh Lunn-Ching of the Glorious Newsworthiness Foundation.

Dr Hu Shu Dgno of the Fake Australian Gratefulness Association.

Dr Ludmilla Putinova of the Populist Friends of Authoritarianism.

And Dr Una Versati of the Australian Humour Rights Commission.

Tomorrow afternoon, we expect to have another panel of guests.  That panel will mainly consist of representative leaders in the state election.

We have so far received confirmation from only two parties.  Perhaps the others have no qualified leaders.  They have until noon today to make that clear.

A statewide mental health strategy should be the foundation of all policies and all practices, in the public, business and non-profit sectors of South Australian society

Political candidates, regardless of whether they are likely to be future parliamentarians or not, should be capable of comparing their personal strategies with their party strategy, and the strategies of their opponents.  That information should be published online for all voters to find easily.

Mental health is a serious subject, though it certainly does not require a morose approach.  Far too many people are put off by coldly unimaginative policies.  They are put off by restricting labels and restrictive criteria and other barriers to psychological wellbeing.