Tuesday, 20 March 2018

The Timelessly Amazing

Villa Twaklinilkawt is home to the timelessly amazing, not the latest viral craze. 

This year, it has been home to the hottest Mozart Day and the Climatologically Cool 100.

Every year, it is also home to listening in peace.

It is always home to the cultural transmission of enlightenment.

No-one officially associated with Villa Twaklinilkawt would never steal anyone's soul, and especially not the soul of Adelaide.

In a democracy, everyone should be encouraged to learn about systems and processes, and failures of systems and processes.

Democracy is all about asking questions and finding answers in relation to systems and processes.

What is your understanding of learning analytics

What is your awareness of educational data mining?

What is your knowledge of intelligent tutoring systems?

What have been your interactions with Google Analytic Solutions?

How often do you interact with the University of Adelaide website?

Have you been associated with the University of Adelaide Learning Analytics Project?

If you know little about data analysis and surveillance capitalism, why is that?

Are you not yet fully aware of the uses of data analytics?  

Before arriving here, what was your understanding of business information and business intelligence?

Have you either knowingly or unknowingly worked in the mass surveillance industry?

Have we entered the age of mass surveillance governments, even in purported democracies?

Although data is necessary when making informed policy decisions, an important question arises:

Who should be making those informed decisions, and why?

Much important information has been known for centuries, and even millennia.

Are you aware of the work of Aristotle in relation to prior analytics and posterior analytics?

You can read translations of various parts of Aristotle's Organon through the University of Adelaide library:

Prior Analytics

Posterior Analytics

What would Aristotle think of the world as it is today? 

What sort of job would he be doing? 

Would he be mainly involved in financial technology or biotechnology

Would he have established a social networking website or an ethereal theatre?

Would he have developed surveillance apps for destination marketing organisations?

There are many individuals and organisations seeking to make money out of data.

There are also many individuals and organisations seeking to acquire and use, and abuse, political power through the use, and abuse, of data.

When misused, machine learning can have distressing, and even tragic, outcomes.

Over-confidence is always dangerous.

The management of risks is impossible when people are over-confident about their knowledge, and their opportunities.

Please be cautious at all times. This is especially important to remember if you have already misunderstood the algorithmic scrutiny of your life, as conducted by technologically experimental advertising businesses, unfriendly foreign governments, organised and disorganised criminal networks, corrupt law enforcement officials, vengeful former friends, workplace bullies, assorted narcissists, dark web wickedness and black hat baddies.

There are many extremists, including wealthy ones, who seek to shape politics to be more in keeping with their own rigid mindsets.  They damage democracy dreadfully.

The timelessly amazing wonders of the world, and the universe, belong to every mind.  They are not there to be manipulated by the enemies of truth.