Monday, 26 March 2018

When the Pressure is On

Some people have had more distressing pressure in their lives than other people can even imagine.

But what is pressure?

Is it unusually severe stress or just the routine challenge of being in an excessively competitive environment?

How do you know when stress is severe?

How do you cope with various sorts of stress?

When do you know you are not coping?

Who supports you?

Who makes the situation worse?

What is normal behaviour?

What is abnormal behaviour?

What is psychological trauma?

What is anxiety?

What is depression?

What is social conflict?

What is cognitive dissonance?

What worries you?

What annoys you?

When expressing your concerns, hoping to find relief for them, do you usually need an interpreter?

When pressure expresses itself through crime, how should society respond for the long-term benefit of everyone?

How does uncertainty affect your mental health?

How do consistently unpleasant social interactions affect your mental health?

Do you think mental health services are underfunded and/or improperly managed in Australia?

How do you believe arts professionals and mental health professionals could work better together to improve mental health in society more widely?

How can artists be better supported to encourage the artistic experiences of people with mental health challenges.

As creativity often helps to improve mental health, should more focus be given by governments towards supporting creative practices in the general population?

Creativity can be a healthy outlet for rumination.  This is especially the case for therapeutic arts.

What sorts of services would improve your mental wellbeing, and how?

What are the causes of pressures in your life and where and how have you tried to find relief for those pressures?

Who is not helping you enough, and why?

What has been your experience of mental health and resilience through the arts?

What has been your experience of somatic anxiety?

How do you usually think about mental health and art?

How do you usually think about mental health and education?

When and how do you think of the arts as inclusive experiences, and why ?

When and how do you think of the arts as exclusive experiences, and why?

When do you think of mental health as inclusive and when do you think of it as exclusive?

What do you know about social anxiety disorder?

When is exaggeration a sign of mental health problems and when is it a sign of creativity?

When and how do you use an invocation?

When and how do you say toi, toi, toi, Twaklin?

How nervous are you in auditions and interviews?

How do you prevent inappropriate behaviour?

What is your awareness of politics as a performing art?

What is your awareness of the logic of good drama?

How do you respond when critics are negative?

What is the relationship between a good privacy policy and good mental health?

What is the relationship between good mental health and being properly valued?

If you know how to use a keyboard wisely, do you do so to maintain your mental health and improve society as a consequence?

What have you been doing recently mainly for the benefit of Australians, and why?

And why are you here?

Have you ever experienced a depressed mood?

Have you ever experienced mania?

Do you ever struggle with feelings of self-worth, self-esteem and self-harming behaviours?

Are you seeking season tickets?