Sunday, 15 April 2018

A Convocation of Enlightened Beings

The ethereal proprietor of this ethereal theatre is often interested in knowing whether you are more interested in the history of footwear or the comfort of your feet, at least if you have feet and/or footwear of your own.

Sensible shoes are usually expected as suitable footwear in Villa Twaklinilkawt. A respectable understanding of history and science is expected here, too.  This is particularly the case during a convocation of enlightened beings.

The two standing committees for the forthcoming convocation are currently sitting in concurrent session in the parlour meant for you.  The two understanding committees are standing around in the foyer of this ethereal theatre, wondering what to do.

Perhaps you can be of assistance.  Are you an enlightened being?

If so, you are probably here to remedy a very dire situation, with the utmost urgency.  Please get on with it as quickly, quietly and tidily as possible.

Do you intend being involved in launching the Moderate Australia Party?

Have you had much experience of convocations and/or committees?

Are you a graduate of at least one quaternary course in Twaklinology?

All suitably qualified Twaklinologists are enlightened beings.

Do you intend to continue learning from unpleasantness for good to triumph

The science of Twaklinology has developed, over recent centuries, to such an extraordinary level of purity that to purify it any further would amount to absurdity. For this reason, the highly refined science of Twaklinology, in its most practical form, now turns that purification into advanced application in the Adelaidezone, and elsewhere.

Here are a few matters to consider before participating in the convocation:

What is your expertise on the social entrepreneurship aspects of ageing?

What is your legal expertise in relation to ageing, if any?

Who is profiting unfairly at the expense of vulnerable, older people?

Who and/or what do you trust to help you feel better as you age?

Which organisations have the best funding models for providing proper care for older people, and which do not?

Which organisational leaders know what caring means, and which do not?

What sort of advice is worthwhile, and what is not, and why?

What have you been learning from history?

What have you been learning from vulnerable individuals?

How do you protect yourself, and other people, as an enlightened being?

How are you using your enlightenment, and possible, relative affluence, to improve various societies?

Do you know anything about the history of footwear?