Friday, 13 April 2018

A Philanthropic Pursuit

Most of the extraordinary quaternary tutorials in support of the Second Age of Enlightenment are now available only to advanced students of philanthropy.

To have a suitably factual approach towards status is itself a philanthropic pursuit.

The status of all people depends upon their willingness and ability to understand the basic, universal rules of interpersonal decorum.

Can you follow these simple instructions?

1. Please do not allow any naked flames to arise, except when producing biochar.  Cook with the sun whenever possible.

2. Please be aware of your legal rights and responsibilities at all times, regardless of your level of intelligence.  The safety and dignity of everyone depends on that.

3. Please dress with environmental and social awareness.  Compassion is more important than fashion.

4. Please act with care and attention at all times, in all places.  Although it is a dangerous world out there, awareness of danger is often likely to lessen its harm.

5. Please be respectful of the different challenges people face.  The most interesting talents are usually unique.

Everyone at the International Training Centre for the Harmonious Interplay of Beauty, Understanding and Magnificence is delighted you have taken the time to be here for this philanthropic pursuit.

When a life has consisted of triumphs, disasters, celebrations and controversies, it can be exceedingly difficult to decide upon how a legacy of various important occasions should be remembered by posterity.

It is highly likely that you, as merely a mortal personage, are seeking suitable training to equip you with the qualities required for a happy, healthy and enlightened life in the 21st century. The first seventeen years or so of this century have demonstrated that such training is in horrendously short supply.

Do you already provide some sort of enlightening training as a philanthropic pursuit?

What is your understanding of science and philosophy in the context of Twaklinological research?

Are you familiar with the science and philosophy of trustworthiness?

Are you familiar with the science and philosophy of political legitimacy?

Are you familiar with the science and philosophy of creativity?

Are you familiar with the science and philosophy of artistic inspiration?

Free tutorials are usually affordable. Those of international training centre are priceless.

The Facebookian page on Beauty, Understanding and Magnificence will no longer be updated.  Fortunately, there are many other ways to find out more about enlightened philanthropy.