Wednesday, 25 April 2018

A Useful Location

Sprezzatura audience members, even when they are not in an audience, tend to be independent readers and independent thinkers.  They prefer to read notes about an upcoming performance before it occurs, to enlighten themselves sufficiently but not excessively.  They also wish to know a sufficient amount about the venue itself.

The digital world is often filled with confusion.  It is difficult to know where and why anything within it exists exactly.  Is the digital world flat or round?  Is it a polyhedron or a slimy blob?  Is it a hollow, glass tube or a metallic spiral?  Is it just one or two numbers repeated in mysterious sequences?

Ensuring you have sufficiently enlightened answers to such questions is especially important if you are considering participating in the auditions here quite soon.

Performers and technical staff usually enter the ethereal theatre through the stage door, of course.  They have an impeccable sense of timing.  But do you?

And where, exactly, is this auditorium?

The evidence suggests the destination is actually a useful location of the Twaklinesque variety. 

What is your understanding of the Twaklinesque?

There are many different ways to answer that question, none of which are likely to be absolutely correct.  The Twaklinesque never diverts people from their problems and it certainly does not divert anyone from other people's problems. 

The purpose of the Twaklinesque is to lift confusion from your imagination.  It does so by clearly distinguishing between the importantly possible and the less importantly impossible.