Sunday, 22 April 2018

A Willingness to Share

Much of what is published or broadcast, in whatever form or format, is no more than vulgar drivel as far as reasonably enlightened persons are concerned.

If you are willing to share sensationalist political news stories without first checking the reputation of the source, you will behave like a fool.

If you are a scientist, or you hope to be considered as being a scientist in the future, you will quite likely spend many hours in a library each week.

A literature review is one of the most important aspects of science, mainly because it prevents scientists from wasting their time doing scientific research that has already been accomplished elsewhere.

A literature review can, therefore, save a great deal of money from being wasted, too.

What do you already know on the subject of science for ladies?

The ladies of the Revolutionary Climatological Needlepoint Committee very much enjoy hearing well-informed points of view regarding climatological pleasantness and economic unpleasantness, from wherever in the world those facts and opinions derive.  

For enlightened beings, knowledge is always a delightful pursuit, regardless of the consequences.  Yet knowledge can usually be demonstrated in pleasant ways, or unpleasant ones.

The ladies on the committee are enlightened advocates of solar technology, carbon neutrality and durable home furnishings.  Their only product is to make a point.  They know that only enlightened beings will take notice of their work.

Their mission of the committee has long been to furnish mere mortals with the truth regarding a durable and endurable global environment.

Beautiful needlework is usually impossible to keep clean and dry during inclement weather. Floods, cyclones, tornadoes, hurricanes, typhoons, rising sea levels and all sorts of other dampness can rarely be prevented at short notice.


Are you willing to share the world fairly with current and future generations of humans and other creatures?

Much of the world, including Australia, still requires climatological enlightenment with considerable urgency.  How are you making a contribution? 

Are you already a participant in enlightened altruism?

Universal prosperity requires healthy environments, healthy societies and useful activities. This committee is the most useful one in the world. Durable home furnishings are absolute necessities in any climate.

The Facebookian page of the Revolutionary Climatological Needlepoint Committee is no longer updated.

If any of your friends are unenlightened beings, please pass this information on to them.  Those persons may already be doomed, but what about you?

What do you prefer to share?

It is something of an irony, to say the least, that a technology company has been attempting to repair itself through the use of old-fashioned newspapers.

Facebook has long been a highly manipulative company.  Its modus operandi has been to pretend to be warm and fuzzy.  It steals personal information from gullible users in order to profit from a fake coziness.

Where do you share with your most appreciative audiences?