Thursday, 26 April 2018

Another Movement

The Mozarty Party is currently preparing another movement for its global headquarters.  Its activities in Australia are soon likely to be transferred to another organisation.

Mozarty Party HQ is currently situated in the natural common room in the digital gatehouse of Villa Twaklinilkawt.  The same location is also used as this theatre's green room.

A few years ago, the magnificent music room of Villa Twaklinilkawt was Mozarty Party HQ.  That location is now used mainly for rehearsals for upcoming public occasion, and for many extraordinary and exclusive private performances.

The global campaign headquarters of the Mozarty Party has long been staffed mainly by Adelaideans.

Are you an Adelaidean?

If not, do you know any Adelaideans?

Mozart and all other players and singers of the world - if suitably competent - will always do their best to support enlightened beings, everywhere.

Our global campaigning of the Mozarty Party has long been managed and conducted by Her Illustrious Highness, Twaklin I, Ethereal Grand Duchess of Nilkawt (formerly known as Madame Adelaidezone).

Mr Leopold Mozart also hopes he has had some influence in the party.  Indeed, that gentleman has long been pestering everyone to return the Mozarty Party to its origins in Salzburg.

The future of democracy in Australia depends on how many enlightened Australian voters actually exist in proportion to unenlightened Australian voters.  Similarly, the future of democracy in Austria depends on how many enlightened Austrian voters actually exist in proportion to the unenlightened ones.

Why are enlightened Australian voters still waiting for an enlightened Australian democracy to occur?

Why are enlightened Austrian voters still waiting for an enlightened Austrian democracy to occur?

Matching W.A. Mozart culturally and politically in the 21st century, anywhere in the world, requires sprezzatura.  It also requires the ability to wake up a disillusioned public and bring the harmonious interplay of beauty, understanding and magnificence into cultural and political life, in every society.

Sprezzatura in Australia is obviously in very short supply.  Yet it can easily be gained through expressions of the Twaklinesque.

All Mozarty Party policy advocates, particularly those of the Twaklinesque variety, are aware that democracy is like beautiful music when no-one is louder ~ or quieter ~ than necessary.

Much of the training for prospective Mozarty Party candidates has been conducted through the International Training Centre for the Harmonious Interplay of Beauty, Understanding and Magnificence.

Part of the mission of the centre is to support the 21st century Enlightenment, create world peace, promote global prosperity and celebrate good taste.  The Mozarty Party puts the theoretical aspects of that mission into euphonious practice, wherever possible.

The Facebookian page for the Enlightened Voters of Australia will no longer be updated.  

You are likely to have many questions about why the natural common room has been the enlightened world centre of musical and political pleasantness, particularly as music has rarely been performed there.

The policy rehearsals of the Mozarty Party have long been performed elsewhere, much like the music rehearsals.

The music room of Villa Twaklinilkawt is mainly used for secretive rehearsals nowadays.  Only the most enlightened patrons may witness those events.

How do you usually use your imagination in the political sphere?

The Australian activities of the Mozarty Party are currently been transferred to the Social Research and Policy Advisory Committee of the Australian Political Reform Club.  The committee is preparing to establish a new political party, with a proposed title of the Moderate Australia Party.

Australians are apparently unable to maintain the standards established by the Mozarty Party.  That is why the political ambitions of its leaders in this part of the world are now less lofty.

The Principles and Strategy Committee of the Australian Political Reform Club also often meets in the natural common room within the ethereal gatehouse of Villa Twaklinilkawt, here in the Adelaidezone Digital Arts Quarter of Adelaide in Australia.  Several members of that committee, and the other one, are members of the Mozarty Party.

The mission of the Australian Political Reform Club is to improve Australia by improving Australian democracy.

The Australian Political Reform Club presents peaceful, evidence-based information on how to stop political corruption in Australia. Club members never accuse individuals of corruption. They highlight the fact that all institutions, organisations and groups, anywhere in the world, have the potential to become corrupt in the absence of strong, enlightened leadership.

Courage is just as important as a consistently conscientious and excellent work ethic within the Mozarty Party.  When participating in the work of the party, if you know how to overcome stage fright on the world stage, so much the better.
If you are seriously thinking of supporting the Mozarty Party better than you have in the past, you may wish to put a question to one of its own panels of experts.

There have been many Mozarty-style Twitter performances to share with your friends and family members from time to time.  Those performances have sometimes been a little more exclusive than the former, Facebookian ones.
Please note that the future global campaign headquarters of the Mozarty Party is unlikely to be Twitterish, or accessible through social media at all.  Nor is it actually likely to be associated with this ethereal theatre.

Even a genius must work hard to bring truth to the minds of a majority, and even to the minds of a small minority, without resorting to the indignities of reality television shows or pop videos.

Seeking popularity through the presentation of false hopes would obviously not only be unenlightened but despicably dishonest.

Your current popularity with the ordinary public will obviously be considered by the party when seeking to engage your services.  Even so, your popularity with the enlightened public will obviously take priority.

If you think you want to live in a more enlightened Australia, please register your interest in supporting the Moderate Australia Party.

If you are more interested in supporting a more enlightened world in its entirety, you may need to consider giving more support to the global Mozarty Party through its new HQ in Salzburg.