Monday, 23 April 2018

Being Appropriately Attired

How do you usually prefer to dress when attending theatrical occasions?

When everyone is dressed in an affordable yet tidy manner, it is much easier for each person to enjoy inclusive experiences.

In anticipation of sprezzatura performances, audience members are encouraged to become acquainted with all associated subjects.  There is no excuse for ignoring the necessity to be well prepared, understatedly attentive and a true servant of art and enlightenment.

Do you have sprezzatura yourself or do you mainly expect it of the performers and/or Twaklinesque support staff?

Are you overdressed, under dressed, badly dressed or dressed to impress?

Considerations of clothing, and footwear, can place people under unnecessary duress, in anticipation of all sorts of occasions.

On the public tours of this ethereal theatre, all sorts of persons wander through here, very few of whom are appropriately attired.  The typical visitor usually looks like a typical, bedraggled tourist in ill-fitting leisure wear.

The front of house staff are distinctively attired, regardless of gender.  They have a nose for trouble and will sniff it out very quickly indeed.

The front of house staff also have an ear for trouble.  This is particularly useful whenever the sound engineer on duty appears to be going deaf.

The open access policies of Villa Twaklinilkawt have been remarkably generous for much of the past decade.  The purpose of that openness has mainly been to assist scholarly research into artistic inspiration in the context of legitimate, democratic governance.   This is particularly the case in relation to scientific evidence of the relationship between the production of art and political legitimacy.

If you consider yourself to be a suitably enlightened scholar, how do you dress for that role?

When do you prefer to dress casually and when do you prefer to be costumed splendidly?

How often have you performed in a leading role on The Social Media Show and when have you only acted as an ordinary audience member in it?

How were you attired during those occasions?

What is your acquaintance with Twaklinian costumes?