Sunday, 8 April 2018

Being Involved in Something Reasonable

Good afternoon and welcome.

Please let me know your views on the following as soon as possible:

  1. Relevant Practicalities for World Peace
  2. The Rules and When to Break Them
  3. Elegant Defiance
  4. Government Officials and/or Theatrical Performers
  5. True Leadership Training
  6. With or Without Trumps or Trumpets
  7. Brand Mozart

Will you be involved in launching the Moderate Australia Party at all?

Perhaps you are still seeking to understand relationships between people and states through the arts, or even relationships between people and/or birds.

Where have you been most recently using your skill and imagination, and why?

Whilst exploring Villa Twaklinilkawt on a digital, virtual tour of the elegant, ethereal premises, you will probably have been invited to share a premise or two of your own.

Has anyone, anywhere, ever asked for your informed views on the future of journalism?

Have you ever been involved in the production of societal prosperity anywhere?

Have you ever been involved in protecting the public from various dangers?

Have you ever been involved in re-purposing something?

Have you ever been involved in cleaning up the world?

Have you ever been involved in correcting errors?

Have you ever been involved in repairing damage?

Where do you seek out the truth?

How do you use your imagination?

Do you have the energy to answer a few more questions?

How does your mind usually travel across the Internet?

Have you ever been any sort of pioneer?

I am Felicity Fairness.  I have often invited members of the ordinary public to be involved in something reasonable within a real community venue.

Do you consider that to be reasonable?