Saturday, 7 April 2018

Brand Mozart

Since the Mozarty Party Climatologically Cool 100 countdown began on the Hottest Mozart Day, there have been growing calls for a Mozartian prime minister in Australia.

WA Mozart has a long-term, consistent reputation as a pleasant and competent musician, and quite a good composer.  He remains reasonably popular.  But would he be popular as a politician in Australia, if given even half a chance?

While the Climatologically Cool 100 continues, who listens attentively to the evidence?

If the policies of the Mozarty Party have always been music to your ears, why have you provided its leadership team with so little support?

Ethereal membership of the party has long been free, for anyone, anywhere, including ordinary, Australian voters.

Would you like Australia to become an enlightened democracy?

Australian politics requires earlier beginnings and later endings, but that is in the hands and future ballot papers of the public.

Here are a few policy announcements from the Mozarty Party of the headline variety:

1. Peace, prosperity and enlightened policies.

2. Political reform.

3. Improving elections.

4. Providing leadership.

5. Investigating important policy matters.

6. Guiding constitutional walks for the state and federal health of all members of the Australian public.

7. Providing elegant examinations of political realities.

What do you believe it would be like to experience an enlightened democracy in Australia?

How likely are you to participate in the development of that experience?

Members of the High Court of Australia merely interpret the Constitution in their efforts to reform Australian politics.

What do you do?

Are you a member of the Australian Political Reform Club?

The leaders of the Mozarty Party, all over the world, have had much experience in listening to audiences and being challenged by them.

Many members of the Australian Political Reform Club remain highly supportive of the Mozarty Party.  In their view, no other political entity, anywhere in the world, has composed such excellent policies, symphonies and sympathies as that party.

The Mozarty Party has considerable experience of hot lieder ship and music sails

Mr WA Mozart has often managed to self-manage his career, with a little help through the family entertainment business. He has been reasonably autonomous, except when in need of suitable introductions, extra cash and/or a new commission.

How do you imagine Brand Mozart in the Australian context?

You may be seeking a few insights relating to basic questions and answers about being here.  That is understandable.

Here is an historical example

of a Mozarty Party

Australian federal election

campaign launch video



Australian federal election campaigns may not seem to be particularly relevant to you, even if you happen to be an Australian citizen.

The Mozarty Party's global campaign ensemble would never support the use of force or farce, except artistically, anywhere in the world.  Perhaps that is why the Mozarty Party has not yet won a federal election in Australia.

After any relatively unenlightened voting process has played out, in any part of the world, including during non-federal elections, the Mozarty Party leaders compassionately commiserate with the voting public.


Here is a

South Australian example:

Your future admission to the Adelaidezone is currently being considered by an enlightened ensemble of experts.

Have you done all the necessary research?

Have you offered solutions?

Have you invited informed responses to your suggestions?  

How do you usually respond to the myths of the mainstream?

Who do you believe should be excluded from the Adelaidezone, and why?