Wednesday, 11 April 2018

Composing Good Policies

Co-operating with Mozart is essential when attempting to compose good policies.

Bringing the world together to resolve difficult problems has been shown to be possible, but only when political leaders are relatively reasonable and relatively powerful.

Inadequate reasonableness is the cause of many problems.

Similarly, the inadequately reasonable and effective expression of social, political and economic power usually means that the problems remain unresolved, even when the procedures required for doing so are clear.

Many good policies are ineffective because leaders are either unreasonable, lack the power to act properly, or both.

The Mozarty Party prefers all its cultural and political leaders to be both relatively reasonable and relatively powerful.  The combination of reasonableness and powerfulness successfully leads to the implementation of good policies.

Composing good policies is a talent.  Have you auditioned your policy composition skills in this ethereal theatre recently?

Mr Mozart never had the opportunity to vote in a general election.  Have you had that opportunity yourself?

What do auditions and elections have in common?

What do good policies and great music have in common?