Tuesday, 24 April 2018

Conducting Yourself Appropriately

At all times, all talented persons associated with this magnificent, digital location are expected to conduct themselves with enlightenment and sprezzatura.  This applies not only within all the areas of Villa Twaklinilkawt currently open to those persons but also in the wider world. 

Please look after your reputation carefully.

Peacefulness is always a suitable pursuit.

Violence tends to cause anger and resentment more than it causes sadness.

Politics more generally causes considerable anger in the world.  It is always sad when reasonable, respectful debate is lacking.

There is still much to investigate and examine in relation to abusers and the arts, and in relation to abuse more generally.

It is necessary to be cautious.  There may be strange turns of the mind on the horizon.

Have you ever seen a mirage?

Even if you do not have perfect pitch, you will be expected to listen very carefully to all the requirements.  Dignified morals and delightful morale are very important throughout Villa Twaklinilkawt.

Where is your moral integrity at present?

Are you aware of the psychogeography experienced by enlightened patrons of the arts?

How do you tell when a person's integrity is factual or fictional?

Can an organisation have integrity or are all organisations something of a fiction in themselves?

If you entered this ethereal theatre through the stage door, where did your moral integrity take you?

If you entered this location via the foyer, how did you then arrive in the auditorium?

You may have some experience at conducting the art of mindfulness.

Where is your imagination when that is occurring?

Has your imagination ever experienced shock 'til you drop?

Conducting yourself appropriately includes respecting maturely intelligent audiences.

You are responsible for your own self-awareness and the future of the arts.

You are also responsible for the dangerous election of Tabarin.

What is your usual response to the tragedy of inadequate leadership?

What is your usual response to the enemies of enlightenment?

If you are seeking to experience inclusive access to events in this ethereal theatre, rather than exclusive access, are you more interested in upcoming public occasions or auditions or encores?

If your main interest is in experiencing encores, are you more interested in the most recent public performance or earlier public performances?

If you are a member of the media, please ensure you have read all the preliminary documents, including those about our Privacy Policy, before seeking exclusive access to anyone or anything here.

All media activities associated with public events in Villa Twaklinilkawt are considered to be public occasions in themselves.

Further information about policies can be found in the green room.

To improve your chances of gaining entry to upcoming public occasions in this ethereal theatre, you may wish to sponsor at least one of those occasions, donate towards future inclusive and/or exclusive productions and/or upgrade your season ticket package to include access to events in the Adagia Rooms and/or Nannerl's Suite.