Tuesday, 3 April 2018

Elegant Defiance

How do you define elegance?

How do you define defiance?

What is elegant defiance?

Elegance involves simplicity and consistency.

Good science is elegant.

Is good art elegant, too?

Is all true goodness elegant?

What is the essence of elegant virtue?

What do you consistently defy and resist?

How do you behave when someone attempts to cross your virtuous boundaries?

Is your elegance conventional or unconventional?

Do you express elegant defiance as a form of civil resistance and possible liberation?
Are you part of an elegantly defiant underground artistic movement?

What do you believe to be the relationship between elegant defiance and enlightenment?

How do you express elegant defiance through dialogues of enlightenment?

How do you respond to malicious hedonism?

Hos do you respond to lazy hedonism?

How do you respond to indifferent hedonism?

How do you respond to the narcissism behind all hedonism and egotism?

How do you distinguish between defiance and duplicity?

During the elegant auditioning process in this elegant, ethereal theatre, several opportunities are provided, by the elegant artistic director, for each person to participate in several elegantly egalitarian dialogues

If you audition successfully, you may even be invited to become one of the elegant directors of enlightenment here:

Directors of enlightenment - part one

Directors of enlightenment - part two

Have you ever had your personality properly examined before?

Are you fully aware of the dangers of charm and charisma?

Are you always on the lookout for possible nastiness so as not to be contaminated by it?

How do you safely use elegance and defiance through the logic of good drama?

How do you supply elegant defiance whilst imagining an affordable world of art?

How do you supply elegance, and possibly at least a little well-selected defiance, during the main interval in any performance?

When and where do you usually discuss the logic of good drama?

How does elegant defiance relate to your knowledge of how to use a keyboard wisely?

How does elegant defiance relate to worthwhile careers?

Do you produce enlightened democracy, global prosperity, world peace and beautiful music in elegant defiance of something or someone?

The advocates of enlightenment always encourage suitably peaceful and informed activism. They expect all performances to be the culmination of extensive rehearsals, with the appropriate use of talents.

Have you been taught particularly valuable additional performance techniques in the art of elegant defiance, perhaps through the drama school here in Villa Twaklinilkawt?

How do you usually express enlightened being and enlightened leadership?

Do you usually express elegant defiance with sprezzatura?

The second Age of Enlightenment can certainly occur now, with your assistance. 

How are you assisting the 21st century Enlightenment? 

How are you making the world a much better place than it would be without you?

What is your involvement in suitably peaceful and informed activism

On the fourth and final day of the 2018 World Enlightenment Forum, the theme of elegant defiance was examined in relation to many types of conflict, particularly through civil resistance.

The Facebookian World Enlightenment Forum page is no longer updated. Elegant defiance takes many forms.

How do your personal and political interests match those of Mr Mozart?

Does your own personal and political style reflect elegant defiance?

The Mozarty Party is a universally relevant, defiantly elegant political party.

Do you believe elegant defiance is a necessary prerequisite for good citizenship?

Do you believe elegant defiance is necessary whenever someone is trying to track you down for malicious reasons?