Saturday, 21 April 2018

Gentle Reminders

The management of this theatre supplies significant care and attention towards the additional enlightenment of anyone in need of it.  For this reason, inclusive access to the world stage is occasionally supplied to ordinary visitors.

If you are yet to establish a respectable reputation on the world stage, why is that?

What needs to change for your enlightened leadership to be suitably acknowledged, all things being otherwise equal?

Have you yet to develop a reputation for gentleness?

The world stage should always be a place for the harmonious interplay of beauty, understanding and magnificence, hence suitable assessments of potential performers are essential.

What sorts of reviews do you usually receive from well-informed critics, or have those eminent persons not yet noticed your qualities?

You may have only been on the world stage during The Social Media Show.  You may even believe, as Donald the canary does, that social media, particularly Twitter, is the world stage.

Donald does not appear to be particularly frightened of bad reviews.  He merely ignores his critics or deposits something unpleasant in their vicinity.

Were you a witness of events on the world stage during the Ethereal World Peace Award Ceremony?  Examining your imagination is obviously required during such events.

Unenlightened beings are rarely to be found uttering such words as "Happy birthday most arty Sir Mozarty Mozart", whether gently or not.  Unfortunately, such individuals can often be found wandering about in a confused state on the world stage, or merely in a nation-state.  They are rarely interested in peace.

Whether on The Social Media Show or the Mozarty Party World Peace and Global Prosperity Tour, everyone involved requires regular, gentle reminders of the purpose of their performances.

The true world stage exists in Adelaide, as the Affectionate Adelaide Project has long revealed.  The true leader of the free world occasionally exists in Adelaide as the enlightened spirit of this location.

Most Adelaideans are still unaware of those undoubtable facts.  They, instead, watch too much television in their free time and listen to the most dreadful radio stations during their working hours.

Success on the world stage mainly involves adequate rehearsals.  Without such rehearsals, preparing for the Digital Twaklinesque Festival of Peace is likely to unravel embarrassingly.