Tuesday, 24 April 2018

Genuine Patrons of Political Enlightenment

For many years now, wherever you may have geographically been, temporarily or permanently, anywhere in the world, you are quite likely to have had the chance to participate in a culture of political enlightenment, through access to the digital Adelaidezone.

Have you experienced barriers to your participation?

Are you aware that you are digitally within the Adelaidezone now?

The word patron derives from the Latin word father.  Does that word apparently exclude you?

What is your understanding of the word patronage?

A shared culture usually involves shared understandings and therefore a common language.

Are you a patron of public transportation at all?

What do public transport and political enlightenment have in common?

Why is all patronage political?

In any situation, to provide support is a political act.  A patron is a supporter.

What is support?  What is the opposite of support?

What sort of support have you provided towards someone or something, and why?

What and who do you oppose, and why?

How do you usually respond when someone supports you?

How do you know a purported supporter does not have ulterior motives against your interests?

How do you discover who your opponents and competitors might actually be?

Political enlightenment begins by asking yourself the above questions.

How do you show approval for someone or something?

How do people show approval of you?

Have you ever craved approval and acceptance?

Have you ever acted against your own conscience for any reason?

Have you ever been some sort of beneficiary?

Have you ever been a recipient of a benefice, an advowson or a canonical right of patronage?

Do you believe you have a patron saint or guardian angel?

If you do not share such beliefs, why is that?

What do you truly believe, and why?

What is your understanding of patronage?

What is your understanding of advocacy?

If coercion has been part of your practice, why is that?

If you have no interest in remedying abusive power and control, you are unlikely to want to be a genuine patron of political enlightenment.

You may believe in one or more patron gods, otherwise known as tutelary deities.

Whatever your personal beliefs, you may possibly represent ideas that are different from your own.  But which do you choose?

You may have expressed ideas you do or do not hold:

a) creatively through fiction

b) maliciously through lies

c) selfishly through propaganda

When people are fearful and/or confused, they often go along with ideas they do not necessarily support.  They seek fictional representations and media images when they do not enjoy the real world enough on its own.  They may even seek to find a true understanding of themselves through fiction.

When do you know you have accepted the facts of a situation in a psychologically and interpersonally healthy way?

When have you found it difficult to cope with the facts of a situation?

Do you usually find it most difficult to cope when the facts have been obscured or denied by someone?

Have you ever been patronised?

Have you ever communicated with anyone in a condescending way?

Have you ever felt unfairly demeaned?

What have been your experiences of superiority and inferiority?

How do you tell the difference between economic status, social status, moral character, skill and information?

Are you relatively well aware of the ways in which presumptions about inferior and superior socio-economic status have often unfairly trumped other qualities throughout history?

In Ancient Rome, patronage prevented full freedom.

Have you ever described customers as clients, clientele, patrons or even consumers?

What is your understanding of customers, customs and costumes?

Do you have a customer base or fan base or another form of support base?

Do you have employees?  Do you lead a team?

If you are aware of the meaning of pattern, what are you attempting to replicate?

Do you have a loyal customer base?

What is your understanding of loyalty?

Are you loyal to enlightenment?

Genuine patrons of political enlightenment have a primary loyalty to enlightenment.

Have you ever attempted to buy enlightenment?

Have you ever sought to purchase enlightenment?

Have you ever began a procurement process to acquire enlightenment?

Have you ever wondered whether a merchant, an agent or a broker may assist you to find enlightenment?

Have you ever sought out a patron to lead you to enlightenment?

Political enlightenment is only one part of enlightenment in its entirely but it is, arguably, the most important part.  It can only be reached by first experiencing and adopting the other aspects of enlightenment.

All enlightened patrons are philanthropic.  Their gifts benefit society as a whole, not just the individual beneficiaries.

Throughout history, patronage has often been associated with paternalism.

Enlightened patronage is not paternalistic.

Both in Ancient Rome and in post-Roman Europe, patronage was also associated with patricians.

Enlightened patronage does not involve patrician-like practices.

What do you know about patricians in Ancient Rome?

What do you know about post-Roman patricians?

Genuine patrons of political enlightenment are highly knowledgeable not only about democratic practices but also about activities opposed to democracy.

Genuine patrons of political enlightenment only support enlightened approaches to democracy.  They never support anti-democratic actions or any other activities likely to degrade democracy further.

Raising the quality of democracy is an urgent necessity according to genuine patrons of political enlightenment.  This can be achieved by opposing all forms of unfairness.

How do you supply moral support for fairness?

How do you supply social support for people attempting to uphold fairness?

How do you usually help people when they face difficult situations?

Who has helped you during a difficult time?

How do you attempt to raise morale without distorting the truth of a situation?

Have you ever participated in a coercive gift economy?

Have you ever participated in a coercive "charitable" organisation?

Have you ever participated in a coercive political party?

Have you ever felt coerced by a lobby group?

Have you ever felt coerced by expressions of patriarchy?

Enlightened patronage is neither patriarchal nor matriarchal.

What has been your experience of patriarchs?

What has been your experience of patrilineality?

Enlightened patronage favours neither the patrinineal nor the matrilineal.

What is your understanding of patrimony?

What is your understanding of fairness in relation to patrimony?

What is your understanding of corruption?

A politically enlightened society ensures corruption can never gain a hold within it.  Unfortunately, no politically enlightened society currently exists, except in fiction.

Is Australia an example of neopatrimonialism?

What do you believe to be your rightful inheritance?

What do you believe to be your rightful entitlements?

Where do you usually devote your sympathy?

How do you attempt to act as a genuine patron of political enlightenment all things being otherwise equal?

What have been your experiences of psychological projection?

Have you ever attempted to manage your mind as if it is a product?

What are your skills as an enlightened negotiator?

How do you ensure your negotiation processes are always fair?

The essence of a peaceful day is gratitude. 

How do you show gratitude?

How do you acknowledge sources of knowledge?

How do you prevent plagiarism?

How do you protect genuine creativity from copyright infringements and other forms of theft?

How do you support genuine creativity as a genuine patron of political enlightenment?

In relation to creativity, when is credit always deserved?

How do you acknowledge support for your creative productivity?

How do you acknowledge the lack of support you have received?

What do you usually do when you discover someone is running a patrimonial system of social and political power?

Did you grow up in a household like that?

Has your life ever been ruled by a political machine?

Are you an enlightened customer?

Are you a director of enlightenment?

Are you an enlightened director?