Wednesday, 4 April 2018

Government Officials and/or Theatrical Performers

Whether attempting to gaining important, trustworthy information through social media, or newspapers or magazines or broadcasting, or even mass market books, films or sound recordings, can any of those media, and/or their contents and/or sources, be trusted more than government officials and/or theatrical performers?

Popularity is about trust.  Most trust is misplaced.  That is why most people are legitimately regarded to be unenlightened by the Adelaide Adagia News Ensemble.

Are you aware that the Adelaide Adagia News Ensemble is the world's most expert entity on the subject of trustworthiness?

Are you some sort of Adelaidean?

Unenlightened persons, whether of the Adelaidean variety or not, have no care for anything beyond their own cocoon of sentimental interests, unthinking impulses and selfish ambitions.  They have no respect for enlightenment.  They pollute the world by day and by night.

If you are an unenlightened person, what are you doing here?  

Are you seeking to learn more about popularity, and perhaps even political popularity?

If you are seeking to become more trustworthy, where and how do you intend to start?

Who do you believe to be more trustworthy: government officials or theatrical performers?