Friday, 27 April 2018

Heritage and Happiness

Do you find happiness through heritage and/or humour?

It is well known that the managers of institutions in possession of too much money have a propensity to spend it on tax advice, legal advice, foreign travel, large luncheons, luxurious modes of transportation and excessively large salaries for a carefully chosen coterie of friends. This applies mainly in large businesses, though similar extravagances are known to occur in government departments and through pursuits in which profit is not meant to be a major motivation.

Persons with access to large amounts of institutional money may believe their decisions are based on heritage.

If you ever feel you strive too hard to achieve a goal, you may be missing out on something important: Serenity is usually found through serendipity.

Creating world peace is necessary before beginning anything else of lasting value.  Heritage and happiness are intertwined through the serendipity of peacefulness.

Have you been involved in creating world peace as pleasantly as possible?

Peace is not a game. It is not a sport.

Peace is about pleasure. Games are about performance and possibly even competition. 

Are you here to give a heritage performance?

Are you here to express your humour rights?

The Facebookian page of the Australian Humour Rights Commission will no longer be updated.  Enlightened beings are aware that Facebook is a farce.